U.S. Navy Ships 

This comprehensive guide to major classes of US Navy ships includes currently operational classes, new classes under development, and classes that have been retired since the end of the Cold War.


Aircraft Carriers


Surface Warfare


Submarine Tenders

Amphibious Assault


Mine Warfare


Landing Craft

Special Operations



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Boats for Beginners

US Navy Ships - Shipboard Combat Systems

Aircraft Carriers

Where are the Carriers?

CV-9 Essex CV-41 Midway
CVA-58 United States
CV-59 Forrestal
CV-63 Kitty Hawk
CV-67 John F. Kennedy CVN-65 Enterprise CVN-68 Nimitz

Command      Back to Top

AGF-3   La Salle AGF-11 Coronado LCC-19 Blue Ridge JCC(X)

Surface Warfare      Back to Top

Arsenal Ship

BB-61 Iowa

CGN-9 Long Beach

CG-16 Leahy CGN-25 Bainbridge CG-26 Belknap
CGN-35 Truxtun CGN-36 California CGN-38 Virginia CG-47 Ticonderoga CG-21 DD-963 Spruance
DDG-993 Kidd DDG-2 Charles F. Adams DDG-37 Farragut DDG-51 Arleigh Burke DD-21 Zumwalt FF-1037 Bronstein
FF-1052 Knox FF-1098 Glover FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry NFR-90 PHM-1 Pegasus Sea Shadow

Submarines      Back to Top

SSN-585 Skipjack
SSN-594 Permit
SSN-637 Sturgeon
SSN-640 Benjamin Franklin
SSN-671 Narwhal
SSN-685 Glenard P. Lipscomb
SSN-687 Richard B. Russell SSN-688 Los Angeles SSN-21   Seawolf
SSN-774 Virginia NSSN
SSBN-598 George Washington SSBN-608 Ethan Allen SSBN-616 Lafayette SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin SSBN-726 Ohio SSGN-726 Ohio DSRV LSV  

Submarine Tenders      Back to Top

AS-19 Proteus
AS-31 Hunley
AS-33 Simon Lake
AS-36 L.Y. Spear
AS-39 Emory Land
ASR-7 Chanticleer
ASR-21 Pigeon

Amphibious Assault      Back to Top

LPH-2 Iwo Jima LHA-1 Tarawa
LHD-1 Wasp
Sea Base

Amphibious      Back to Top

LPD-1 Raleigh
LPD-4 Austin
LPD-17 San Antonio
LSD-36 Anchorage
LSD-41 Whidbey Island
LSD-49 Harpers Ferry
LST-1179 Newport
LKA-113 Charleston

Mine Warfare      Back to Top

MCS-12 Inchon
MCM-1 Avenger
MHC-51 Osprey
MSO-422 Aggressive
MSO-508 Acme

Sealift      Back to Top

T-ACS 4 Gopher State
T-AH 19 Mercy 
T-AK 1005 Austral Rainbow
T-AK 2049 Green Valley
T-AK 2062 American Cormorant
T-AK 3000 Hague
T-AK 3005 Kocak
T-AK 3008 Bobo
T-AK 3015 Martin
T-AK 4296 Bennett
T-AK 5029 Cape Jacob
T-AK 5089 Titus
T-AK 9301 Buffalo Soldier
T-AK 9655 Green Ridge
T-AKR 287 Algol
T-AKR 295 Shughart
T-AKR 296 Gordon 
T-AKR 300 Bob Hope
Sea Base 
T-AKR Cape-class RO/RO
T-AKR 9025 Strong Virginian
T-AOT 181 Potomac
T-AOT 5075 American Osprey
T-AVB 3 Wright

Craft and Boats

Army Watercraft

Landing Craft      Back to Top


Special Operations      Back to Top

PC- 1 Cyclone
PC-14 Tornado
Mark V SOC

Intelligence      Back to Top

SSN-683 Parche
AGSS 555 Dolphin
T-AGM-23 Observation Island
T-AGOS-1 Stalwart
T-AGOS-19 Victorious
T-AGOS-23 Impeccable 
T-AGOS-10 Invincible
T-ARC-7 Zeus
T-AGS 26 Silas Bent
T-AGS 45 Waters
T-AGS 51 John McDonnell
T-AGS 60 Pathfinder


Auxiliary      Back to Top

AE-21 Suribachi
T-AE-26 Kilauea
T-AFS 1 Mars
T-AFS 8 Sirius
AO-51 Ashtabula
AO-177 Cimarron
 T-AO-187 Henry Kaiser AOE-1 Sacramento
AOE-6 Supply
AOR-1 Wichita
AD-37 Samuel Gompers
AD-41 Yellowstone
AR-5 Vulcan
ARS-38 Bolster
ARS-50 Safeguard
T-ATF-166 Powhatan
ATS-1 Edenton
T-AGM-9 Gen. H.H. Arnold
T-AGM-19 Vanguard
T-AGM-22 Range Sentinel

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USS Constitution

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