United States Military Logistics Index 

A guide to military unit organization, interservice officer rank and unit comparisons, warrant officer rank and insignia comparisons, enlisted rank and insignia comparisons, and military exercises in use by the United States armed forces


United States Armed Forces Unit Organization


Interservice Officer Rank-Unit Comparisons

This resource illustrates the typical chain of command and unit designations among the various military services, to facilitate cross-service comparisons. Given the diversity of unit designations some formations are not included for the sake of clarity. The rank of the officer commanding the unit, as well as the unit strength, are typical for units most commonly encountered, and considerable variation exists in practice, particularly with respect to intermediate echelon Naval forces.

Warrant Officer and Enlisted Interservice Insignia Comparisons


U.S. Military Exercises

Training and exercise programs are key to maintaining unit readiness and combat effectiveness. Each of the Services maintains excellent combat training centers where realistic joint large-scale, live-fire exercises are held. Significant resources have been invested in capabilities that permit direct assessment of large-scale, force-on-force engagements.

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