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IS-2 T-34 T-54 T-55 T-62 T-64
T-72 T-80 T-84 T-90 T-94 [?]


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BTR-40 BTR-40P BTR-50 BTR-60 BTR-70 BTR-80 BTR-90 BTR-D BTR-T MT-LB PT-76


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RPG-7 AT-1 Snapper AT-2 Swatter AT-3 Sagger AT-4 Spigot AT-5 Spandrel AT-6 Spiral
AT-7 Saxhorn AT-8 Songster AT-9 Ataka AT-10 Stabber AT-11 Sniper AT-12 Swinger AT-13 Metis-M
AT-14 Kornet AT-15 Khrizantema AT-16 Vikhr 9P137 9P148 9P149 9P157


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2A6   152mm 2A18 122mm 2A19 100mm 2A29 100mm 2A36 152mm 2A45 125mm 2A65 152mm B-4 203mm M1931
D-20 152mm D-30 122mm D-74 122mm M-30 122mm M1938 M-46 130mm M-55 152mm M-389 155mm T-12 100mm


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2P 406mm 2S1 122mm M1974 2S3 152mm M1973 2S4 240mm M1975 2S5 152mm 2S7 203mm
2S9 120mm 2S19 152mm 2S23 120mm 2S31 120mm ASU-85 85-mm MT-LBu ACRV


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9A51 122mm 9A52 300mm 9K58 300mm 9P140 220mm BM-13 132mm BM-14 140mm BM-21 122mm BM-22 220mm
BM-24 240mm BM-25 250mm BM-27 220mm BM-30 300mm BMD-20 200mm M-1975 120-mm RPU-14 140mm TOS-1 220mm


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2S6M Tunguska KS-12 KS-18 KS-19 KS-30 M1939 S-60
ZPU-1 ZPU-2 ZPU-4 ZU-23 ZSU-23-4 ZSU-57

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Russian-Manufactured Armored Vehicle Vulnerability in Urban Combat: The Chechnya Experience by Mr. Lester W. Grau - Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Official Russian Ministry of Defense Website, in English