Rest of World Military Equipment by Country Index 

This resource provides the basic characteristics of selected weapon systems are likely to be encountered by US forces, either as coalition partners or potential opposing forces. The selection of aircraft, ships, land warfare systems, and missiles is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather a representative sampling of equipment supporting various military capabilities.


People's Republic of China Weapon Systems

European Union Weapon Systems

India Weapon Systems

Iran Weapon Systems

Israel Weapon Systems

Japan Weapon Systems

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) Weapon Systems

Republic of Korea (South) Weapon Systems

Pakistan Weapon Systems

Russia Weapon Systems


Naval Aircraft


Land Warfare


South Africa Weapon Systems

Republic of China / Taiwan Weapon Systems

Former Yugoslavia / Serbia Weapon Systems

Miscellaneous Rest of World Weapon Systems

Selected Country Military Summaries

Summaries on the state of the military of selected countries, including total military manpower, GDP dedicated to defense spending, etc.


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