Whale (Hoot) 

Also known as the Hoot, the whale was tested on Sunday April 2 2006. Iran claimed to have successfully tested the world's faster topedo. The "Hoot" or "Whale" is a surface-to-sea missile that can reach speeds up to 223 miles per hour, claims. Gen. Ali Fadavi, deputy head of the Revolutionary Gaurds' Navy.

At three to four times the average torpedo speed, some believe the "hoot" bears remarkable resemblance to the Russian-made VA-111 Shkval first developed in 1995.

At least one former Naval Intelligence Officer, Edmond Pope, claims the "Hoot" is not just based on the Russian design, but that Russia was actively aiding in the development of the "Hoot". "I was informed in late 1990's by a Russian government official that they were working with Iran on this subject," Mr. Pope told DefenseTech.com, the news arm of Military.com.

See VA-111 Shkval on our website for more information on that system.

The Iranian government did not claim or deny that the torpedo could be used as a nuclear weapon delivery system.


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