Total Military Force franceflag
Active: 259,050
Reserves: 100,000

Army (137,000)
1 Land Command HQ
5 Regional, 4 Task Force HQ
2 Armored Brigades with 2 Armored, 1 Armored Infantry, 1 Self Propelled Artillery, 1 Engineering Regiment
2 Mechanized Infantry Brigades with 1 Armored, 1 Armored Infantry, 1 Armored Personnel Carrier, 1 Self Propelled Artillery 1 Engineering Regiment
2 Light Armored Brigades with 2 Armored Calvary, 3 Armored Personnel Carriers, 1 Artillery, 1 Engineering Brigade
1 Mountain Infantry Brigade with 1 Armored Calvary, 3 Armored Personnel Carriers, 1 Artillery, 1 Engineer, 1 SPT Regiment
1 Air Mobile Brigade with 4 Helo Regiments
1 Artillery Brigade with 2 Motorized Rocket Launching System, 4 SAM Regiments
1 French / German Brigade

Navy (44,250)
Regional Commands: Atlantic, North Sea/Channel, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean
Bases: Brest, Cherbourg, Toulon, Papeete, La Reunion, Noumea, Fort de France, Cayenne

Air Force (64,000)
Flight Hours: 180 
Forces Abroad and Foreign Forces
Antilles: 4,100
French Guiana: 3,100
Indian Ocean: 3,600
New Caledonia: 2,700
Polynesia: 2,400
Chad: 950
Cote D'Ivoire: 3,900
Djibouti: 2,800
Gabon: 800
Sengal 950
Germany: 3,200

ISAF (Afghanistan): 500
SFOR II (Bosnia): 1,500
MONUC (Congo): 8
MFO (Egypt): 15
UNMEE (Ethiopia/Eritrea): 1
Operation Concordia (Fyrom): 54
UNOMIG (Georgia) 3 observers
Delibreate Forge (Italy): 3 Jaguar
UNIFIL (Lebanon): 199
UNTSO (Middle East): 4 observers
MINURSO (West Sahara): 25 observers
KFOR (Serbia & Montenegro): 3,800

The following forces are currently stationed in the France:
Germany: 209
Singapore: Air Force 200

Gendarmerie: 101,399

Strategic Force (4,800 active)
Today the nuclear arsenals, although in reduction, remain very significant. The French concept is of showing the will and of having the capacity to make deter an adversary, by inflicting damage that is out of proportion with the stake of a conflict.

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