On Friday March 31 2006, the first day of the war games, Iran test-fired the Fajr-3 missile, which can avoid radar and hit several targets simultaneously using multiple warheads. The Revolutionary Guard said the test of the surface-to-sea missile was successful.

The 240-millimeter Fajr-3 missile has a range of 25 miles. Production of the Fajr-3 missile is estimated to have started as early as 1991. Fajr-3 has the same caliber, range and warhead weight as three known North Korean systems. Some believe the missile was constructed by the Iranians, but reportedly with help from North Korea and/or China.

During the test National television programs were interrupted to show what appeared to be the missile being fired into the Gulf and destroying an abandoned Iranian naval ship.

Although the Revolutionary Guard of Iran claims the missile is not susceptible to radar, the Pentagon is not so convinced. Spokespersons for the DoD have reiterated the Iranians ability to embellish their military capacity.


Fajr-3 Photo