Military Analysis Network 


The Military Analysis Network offers information on U.S. and Foreign Weapon Systems, Munitions, and Weapons in Space.

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U.S. Munitions and Weapon Systems

This category provides information on U.S. weapon systems and munitions as well as analysis, links, and documents - click here.

Rest of World Military Equipment

This resource provides the basic characteristics of selected weapon systems that US forces are likely to face in combat. The selection of aircraft is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather a sampling of equipment supporting various military capabilities - click here.

Historical Weapons Archive

This is an archive of historical conventional weapons systems no longer in use/production. These entries are no longer updated by FAS. - click here.

Selected Country Military Summaries

This category provides summaries on the state of selected countries' military, including total military manpower, GDP dedicated to defense spending, etc. - click here.

Weapons in Space

Some have argued that to protect military and civilian satellites, the US may have to place weapons in space itself.  After a systematic review of the threats to space assets, the FAS Panel on Space Weapons found ways to make space systems secure and robust without weaponization, at least for the next five years - click here for more information.

U.S. Military Logistics

This category provides summaries and comparisons on American military logistics issues, including military unit organization, officer interservice comparisons, warrant officer and enlisted soldier interservice comparisons, and military exercises. - click here.

Military Equipment Tutorials

This resource provides a listing of introductory summaries and tutorials for both general military equipment topics and specific subjects, such as Aircraft, Navy Ships, Land Combat, and Missiles/Smart and Unguided Munitions. - click here.