Project on Government Secrecy 


The FAS Project on Government Secrecy works to promote public access to government information and to illuminate the apparatus of government secrecy, including national security classification and declassification policies. The Project also publishes previously undisclosed or hard-to-find government documents of public policy interest, as well as resources on intelligence policy. The Project is directed by Steven Aftergood.

Featured Items

Secrecy News

SECRECY NEWS (ISSN 1939-1986) provides informal coverage of new developments in secrecy, security and intelligence policies, as well as links to new acquisitions on our web site. It is published 2 to 3 times a week, or as events warrant. SECRECY NEWS is available in blog format here. To subscribe to the email edition of SECRECY NEWS, click here.

Congressional Research Service Reports

We maintain a frequently-updated archive of selected reports from the Congressional Research Service on national security, secrecy, intelligence, nuclear weapons, terrorism, foreign relations, and more.