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The Federation of American Scientists Biological and Chemical Weapons Control Project covers all aspects of chemical and biological weapons and their control, but concentrates on researching and advocating policies that balance science and security without compromising national security or scientific progress. That includes preventing the misuse of their research and promoting public understanding of the real threats from biological and chemical weapons.

Featured Items
cell culture Biosecurity Resource Page
FAS created an internet resource for biosecurity policy, bioterrorism information, and biodefense research. The organizations listed here represent various perspectives on what actions individual scientists, research institutions, science journals, the public, and government can do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism while maximizing the benefits of life science research.
test tubes Case Studies in Dual-Use Research
These case studies will help define the issues associated with “dual-use” research and security in the research lab. They include interviews with researchers whose legitimate scientific work could potentially be used for questionable or harmful endeavors, as well as a historical perspective on their research, bioterrorism, and research regulations.
OTA Seal OTA Archive
The Office of Technology Assessment provided Congress with nonpartisan science and technology policy advice from 1972 until it was defunded and forced to close in 1995. The OTA Archive allows the public to access over 720 reports and documents produced by OTA during its 23 year history, including many that have not been available to the public previously.
chemical Chemical Weapons Information
This chemical weapons information portal includes a comprehensive introduction, fact sheets, types of weapons, and various means of production, storage and delivery.
chemical Chemical Weapons Convention Archive
The Chemical Weapons Convention Archive is an online compilation of more than 500 documents on the U.S. ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). It includes a timeline of CWC negotiations, a history of its signing and ratification, and current news and commentary on the CWC.
microscope Biosecurity Education Portal
FAS has launched a Biosecurity Education Portal with information about online dual-use educational material as well as upcoming workshops and courses in biosecurity.
hazardous Fact Sheets line
FAS has a put together a series of fact sheets with information about several biological and chemical agents. They include the history, signs and symptoms of exposure or illness, treatment, lethality and other information about anthrax, cyanide, 1918 Influenza, smallpox and a variety of other agents.