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New FAS Report Demonstrates Iran Improved Enrichment in 2010

New FAS Report Demonstrates Iran Improved Enrichment in 2010

Author: Monica Amarelo

Type: Release


WASHINGTON DC -- While U.S. and Israeli officials claim Iran has slowed down its nuclear drive, new analysis by the Federation of American Scientists demonstrates that Iran's enrichment capacity grew during 2010 and warns against complacency as five world powers resume talks with Iran this week. 

The study indicates that Iran's centrifuges appear to be performing 60 percent better than in the previous year, which would significantly reduce Tehran's time to produce bomb-grade uranium. 

"Iran continues to enrich and has produced more low-enriched uranium than it did the previous year and appears to be more efficient at enrichment," said Ivanka Barzashka, a research associate with the FAS Strategic Security Program. 

The new FAS report was reviewed by an official with the IAEA who affirmed the study was based on the best possible data with solid conclusions. 

Read the report here:

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