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Targeting Missile Defenses Common (Although Unfortunate) Practice

Targeting Missile Defenses Common (Although Unfortunate) Practice


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Western condemnation of Russian threats to target a future European system, although understandable, are disingenuous because they gloss over the fact that U.S. nuclear weapons for decades have targeted the missile defense system around Moscow, according to a report from the Federation of American Scientists.
The FAS report describes how U.S. planners in 1968 responded to Soviet construction of a limited missile defense system around Moscow by drawing up a huge nuclear strike plan. According to a declassified document, the plan included over 100 long-range nuclear missiles to destroy a dozen interceptor launch sites and radars.
“The debate over the Russian threat has revealed that many people and governments are under the illusion that such nuclear strike planning has somehow ended,” said Hans M. Kristensen who discovered the Cold War strike plan. “It has certainly changed, but defenses are still targets if they can disturb other important strike plans, Cold War or not” he said.
The FAS report estimates that the Russian objections to a system in Europe appear more related to Russian strike plans against France and Britain than against the United States.
The fact that a crisis has erupted over this issue shows that East and West have failed miserably in moving beyond Cold War policy and planning practices, the FAS report concludes.
NOTE TO REPORTERS – Read more about the FAS report here.  

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