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The Charles Pankow Foundation Grants $130,000 to FAS for Study of Cementitious Structural Insulated

The Charles Pankow Foundation Grants $130,000 to FAS for Study of Cementitious Structural Insulated


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FAS, with an industry advisory panel assembled by the Charles Pankow Foundation and the Architectural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Construction Engineers, will test the use of cementitious structural insulated panels (CSIPs) in multi-level construction. The study is being funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation.

FAS will investigate the load bearing elements of CSIPs in six- to eight-story structures. The project will include the compilation of all available technical information to date; the creation of a design portfolio of optimal CSIPs construction; testing the designs using computer simulations and physical tests; and finally a thorough analysis and evaluation of the cement-based technology.

CSIPs are an alternate form of structural insulated panels (SIPs) that uses cement board facings, in place of oriented strand board (OSB), to improve structural strength and provide protection from moisture and mold. The cementitious panels are also resistant to fire.

The FAS Building Technology project addresses the growing need for safe and inexpensive construction in the U.S. and abroad. FAS collaborated with scientists and engineers that specialize in building materials, structural engineering, architectural design, indoor air quality and energy efficiency to create innovative, safe and affordable buildings while lowering construction and operating costs.


The Federation of American Scientists ( was formed in 1945 by atomic scientists from the Manhattan Project. Endorsed by 68 Nobel Laureates in biology, chemistry, economics, medicine and physics as sponsors, FAS has addressed a broad spectrum of national security issues in carrying out its mission to promote humanitarian uses of science and technology. Today, the FAS Building Technology Project combines the talents of engineers and energy specialists to develop new materials and design methods that will lead to safe, energy-efficient, affordable homes in the U.S. and abroad.

The Charles Pankow Foundation is a private, nonprofit, public benefit foundation with the mission of providing the public with improved quality, efficiency and value of buildings by advancing innovation in design and construction. More information about the Foundation can be found at

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