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Learning Federation News

Learning Federation News


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Learning Federation News

Learning Federation to Co-Sponsor Games for Health Conference

FAS' Learning Federation Project will co-sponsor "Games for Health," a meeting in Madison, Wisconsin Sept. 16-17 which will bring together the growing community of researchers, video game designers and creators of learning simulations for the health professions. Read about the conference and FAS' work in educational technology.

FAS Training Project for Multi Casualty Incident Response Wins Grant from CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded FAS a grant to begin development of a prototype training system using advanced learning technologies to prepare fire fighters to respond to major emergencies.

Games for Health Conference Draws Health and Games Sectors

Increasingly, games are being developed to train physicians, educate patients and help the addicted and the mentally ill. But these projects have all been "short-term, small-scale and stovepiped," according to Kay Howell, who directs the FAS Learning Federation.

FAS will promote knowledge of ancient Iraq in Discover Babylon

FAS has received funding to begin developing a technology-based game in which players ages 8-16 will learn about an ancient civilization while mastering key concepts in history and math. In Discover Babylonems in a fascinating virtual world that depicts the kingdom of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia- the land which is present-day Iraq.

Four Grants Will Help FAS Learning Federation Test Games to Improve Learning

Thanks to generous new support from four federal funding organizations, the FAS Learning Federation will begin developing some of the new approaches to learning called for in its national vision. Grant awards totaling $2.4 million over three years have been announced.

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