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FAS Scientists Support Shalikashvili Recommendatins on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

FAS Scientists Support Shalikashvili Recommendatins on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty



The Federation of American Scientists strongly endorses the Findings and Recommendations Concerning the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty just presented to the President by General John M. Shalikashvili (USA, Ret.).The treaty plays a key role in containing the spread of nuclear weapons, reducing the risk that other nations will develop the sophisticated weapons designs needed for easy delivery by mobile or multiple warhead missiles, and preventing a new arms race in “third generation” nuclear designs that could only weaken US security. While the treaty by itself provides no guarantee that the proliferation of nuclear weapons will stop, US failure to ratify threatens to unravel the network of international controls that offer the best hope for controlling the spread of nuclear weapons and the risk that they might be used.

The work of FAS scientists strongly supports the report’s conclusion that the treaty could be adequately verified and that the security and reliability of US weapons can be assured in the absence of nuclear tests. While the treaty is not without risks, we strongly support General Shalikashvili’s bottom line: “After examining these issues, I remain convinced that the advantages of the Test Ban Treaty outweigh any disadvantages, and thus that ratification would increase national security.”

“The report has done a great service by providing a thoughtful and thorough review of issues raised by members of the Senate who had doubts about the treaty and provide the basis for rapid Senate action on ratification of the Test Ban Treaty.” said Henry Kelly, FAS President, “The report’s recommendations for further strengthening of US verification and stewardship programs should receive strong bipartisan support. US security is clearly strengthened if nuclear weapons play a reduced role in the world. President-elect Bush and members of the Senate must give this report serious attention”.


The scientists who built the first atomic bomb founded the Federation of American Scientists in 1945.FAS addresses public policy issues created by advances in science and technology (see

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