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Pray,  John 

Full Name:  Pray,  John 
Program Name: FAS
Title: IT & Office Manager
Phone Number: (202) 454-4689
Fax: (202) 675-1010
Email: [email protected]


John P. Pray joined FAS in June of 2011 to provide for its many technological needs, from desktop and event support to website development and maintenance. Starting in August 2012 he has also managed FAS's human resources, serves as accounting liason, and performs other administrative duties as IT & Office Manager.

John holds a Bachelor of the Arts in English writing with a computer science minor from St. John Fisher College of Rochester, NY. He worked in Fisher's IT office during his four years there, and before that spent a lifetime providing support for all things technical to family and friends. Upon graduation, he promptly moved to Washington, DC to be more involved in the global community.

Besides an information technology expert and enthusiast, John is also a web developer and a cartoonist.