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Jansson,  Mark 

Full Name:  Jansson,  Mark 
Program Name: FAS
Title: Adjunct Fellow for Special Projects
Phone Number: (202) 454-4698
Email: [email protected]


Mark Jansson is the Adjunct Fellow for Special Projects at the Federation of American Scientists. In this capacity, he manages the Virtual Biosecurity Center and coordinates other biosecurity efforts while also contributing research and analyses on nuclear security and non-proliferation issues, with an emphasis on Iran. He also serves as a consultant to FAS on fundraising, development, and strategic planning.

Prior to joining FAS, Mark was the Deputy Director for the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he managed several efforts designed to stimulate new thinking among up-and-coming experts about the future of nuclear weapons. Mark also possesses several years of experience in public health with the American Heart Association and has served in both the public and nonprofit sectors as a grant writer, administrator, and foundation relations specialist.

Mark holds a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University; a master’s certificate in Religion, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution from George Mason University; and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Roanoke College. 



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In the News 

2013 July 31: The National Interest, "The Nuclear Iran Promotion Act"
2013 July 17: EnergyBiz, "Independent Regulators May Help Clear Japan's Nuclear Energy Path"
2013 July 12: The Times (UK), "Iran 'Building Tunnels To Expand Nuclear Projects'' (subscription required)
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2012 Nov 21: Huffington Post, "A U.S. Invasion Of Iran Would Cost World Economy $1.7 Trillion, Researchers Say"
2012 Nov 18:
Press TV, "US Strike On Iran To Cost World USD 1.7 Trillion In 1st 3 Months: Report"
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