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Ito,  Kazuhiro 

Full Name:  Ito,  Kazuhiro 
Program Name: Nuclear Weapons
Title: MEXT Research Fellow
Phone Number: 202-546-3300
Email: [email protected]


Kazuhiro Ito is a MEXT Research Fellow at FAS where his work focuses on peaceful nuclear cooperation agreements between U.S. and Japan through studying American atomic energy strategies and its history. Ito is a Government Official of Japan at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as well.

Prior to joining FAS, Ito worked as a secretariat at National Aerospace Laboratory, and Research and Development Policy Division, Research and Development Bureau of MEXT, at The Third-Party Committee to Check Pension Records of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, and at The Nuclear Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office. Ito also worked as a researcher at The Committee on Education, Science and Technology of the House of Councilors(the Upper House). Ito has experience in accounting and general affairs via his work at the Life Sciences Division, Research Promotion Bureau, Local Area S&T Promotion Office, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, and Atomic Energy Division, Research and Development Bureau of MEXT.

Prior to his fellowship in the United States, Ito served as a Government Official of Japan since 2001. Ito earned his Bachelor of Literature from the University of Tokyo, where he studied Japanese modern history, economics and international law.