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Garbose,  Jonathan 

Full Name:  Garbose,  Jonathan 
Program Name: Nuclear Weapons
Title: Intern / Research Assistant
Phone Number: (202) 546-3300
Fax: (202) 675-1010
Email: [email protected]


Jon Garbose is an intern serving as a research assistant in the Nuclear Information Project. He is assisting the director of the Nuclear Information Project in various nuclear weapons related areas. This includes articles for the Nuclear Notebook column in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and preparing for a workshop to be held this year at the Federation of American Scientists on using commercially available satellite images to monitor the status of nuclear weapons programs globally.

Garbose will be a junior in fall 2011 at Tufts University outside of Boston, MA. At Tufts, he is pursuing a degree in political science with a minor in history.

2011 July 27: Norway's Anders Breivik: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Politics of Cultural Despair