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Bidwell,  Christopher 

Full Name:  Bidwell,  Christopher 
Program Name: National Security
Title: Senior Fellow for Nonproliferation Law and Policy
Phone Number: 202-454-4664
Email: [email protected]


Christopher A. Bidwell, JD is a Senior Fellow for Nonproliferation Law and Policy.  He recently retired from the U.S. Navy where his last key assignment was as National Security Counselor at an internal DoD think tank (DTRA-ASCO) dedicated to the study of WMD and Nonproliferation issues.  He is also an accomplished civilian litigation attorney and has focused his efforts on the interplay between law and WMD for the last several years.  He is especially knowledgeable on issues related to attribution, deterrence, WMD free zones, sanctions, anticipatory self-defense and the Middle East region in general.  He has lectured/spoken at several universities and academic fora throughout the world on nonproliferation issues and has taught courses on nonproliferation at Georgetown University.  He is an active member of the California Bar and currently serves as Chair of the Nonproliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament Interest Group of the American Society of International Law.


2013 December 11: Al Jazeera America, "Congress Should Delay Action On New Sanctions Against Iran"

2013 November 12: Al Jazeera America, "Iran Is Negotiating With The Wrong US Officials"

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2014 February 21: PBS NewsHour, "Taking Apart Iran's Nuclear Program"
2013 November 7: Chemistry World, "World Faces Up To Syria's Chemical Weapons Legacy"
2013 October 31: Christian Science Monitor, "Syria Meets First Chemical Weapons Deadline, But Much Harder Ones Ahead"
2013 April 26: NPR, "U.S. Wants More Proof Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons"