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June 2: Lunch and Briefing 

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Briefing Speakers:

   glouie           ferguson      
   sri           blair   
        Gilman Louie                  Charles D. Ferguson               Devabhaktuni “Sri”   
        Charles Blair         
FAS Board Chair and
Partner at Alsop Louie
    President, Federation of
American Scientists  
     Nuclear Literacy   

  Director, Terrorism
Analysis Project

YousafYousaf Butt is a scientific consultant to FAS. Dr. Richard Garwin has referred to Dr. Butt as an "outstanding scientist."

This event is organized by Les DeWitt, Martin Hellman, Sri Srikrishna, and Tom Tisch.



190 Park Lane
Atherton, CA 94027

Lunch to be served.

The Federation of American Scientists wants the business community to add its voice to important security issues. 

FAS invites you to voice your opinion on important issues like: cyber security, nuclear power, nuclear security, terrorism, and contingencies for natural catastrophes. 

Be part of the conversation and the solution! We will do group brainstorming on the five following scenarios:

  • How can sound science improve cyber security?
  • The U.S. learns that three terrorists plan to detonate a dirty bomb in a major U.S. city. How should the U.S. neutralize the threat? 
  • A massive solar flare knocks out communications. What contingency plans should be in place?
  • In 2020, the people of Yemen have no access to potable water. What can we do today to alleviate this problem?  
  • How do we educate and engage policy makers and the public about nuclear security and nuclear energy issues? 

Click here for more information about the briefing.  

Hot Topics:

Briefing Agenda:

11:45 am  Arrive at the Menlo Circus Club

12:00 pm   Lunch is Served

12:20   Briefing begins

 - Gilman Louie

 - Charles D. Ferguson

 - Devabhaktuni Srikrishna

 - Charles Blair

 - Yousaf Butt

1:30   Q + A

2:00  One-on-One with the Experts 

To RSVP for the lunch and briefing, please email [email protected] or call Monica Amarelo at 202-454-4680. Space is limited. Please RSVP by May 26. 

This event is by invitation only. 

This event is organized by Les DeWitt, Martin Hellman, Sri Srikrishna, and Tom Tisch.