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Using Satellite Images to Monitor Nuclear Forces and Proliferators 

Increasing Nuclear Transparency With Satellite Imagery


Event Presentations:

Matthew McKinzie

Hans Kristensen

Tamara Patton


From the FAS SSP Blog. 

Access to commercial high-resolution satellite imagery allow analysts to monitor and profile nuclear weapons and facilities in ways that were inconceivable only a short time ago. New software freely available on the Internet further enables analysts to improve the visualization of complex security issues.

A few years ago, such capabilities were only available to government officials with Top Secret clearance. All this has changed and continues to change as new tools become available to non-governmental analysts.

Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project, joined two experts who showcased their use of satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to monitor and analyze nuclear weapons, proliferation, and other security issues:

* Hans Kristensen, who is Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, presented on his work to use commercial satellite imagery to describe nuclear force developments in China and Russia.

* Tamara Patton, who is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Geneva, spoke of her unique work on using 3D geovisualization for nuclear weapons infrastructure and force developments in Pakistan and North Korea.

* Matthew McKinzie, who is a Senior Scientists with the Nuclear Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C., talked about his pioneering work on fuzing commercial satellite imagery with other GIS technologies to analyze and visualize nuclear and other security issues.

When: Thursday, June 7, 2012.
Time: 10 AM - Noon.
Where: Federation of American Scientists, 1725 DeSales Street, N.W.,
Sixth Floor, Washington D.C.

Directions: The meeting will take place in the FAS Conference Room located at 1725 DeSales Street, NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC. DeSales Street is located off Connecticut Avenue between L and M Streets, NW –
across the street from the side entrance to the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel. Farragut North is the closest metro station. Directions can also be found here.

RSVP: Seating is limited. Please email [email protected]