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Missile Defense System 

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Missile defense is still one issue that enjoys bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress. The proposed defensive system is supposed to contain Iran, while strengthening ties with Russia. Unfortunately, missile defense will instead lead to more nuclear weapons and a more dangerous world.


Blogs and Posts:

March 20, 2013: "Q&A Session on Recent Developments in U.S. and NATO Missile Defense with Dr. Yousaf Butt and Dr. George Lewis"

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Strategic Security Blog 


2012 May 7, National Journal: Debunking the Missile Defense Myth

2011 September 21, New York Times: 'Myopic' Missile Defense

2011 September 20, International Herald Tribune: The Delusion of Missile Defense 

2011 June 30, Washington Post  - Letter to the Editor: A Good Start for Pentagon Cuts: Missile Defense

2011 June 10, Foreign PolicyBillions for Missile Defense, Not a Dime for Common Sense

2011 June 8, PoliticoWhy Russia's Anti-Missile Defense



Upsetting the Reset: The Technical Basis of Russian Concern Over NATO Missile Defense 
By Yousaf Butt and Theodore Postol (2011)
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Press Releases:
2011 September 20: Russia Concerned as U.S. Moves Forward With Unreliable NATO Missile Defense Shield

2011 May 26: Should Russia Worry Over the Proposed U.S. - NATO Missile Defense Shield?

Fact Sheets:

White House: Implementing Missile Defense in Europe

FAS: The Technical Basis for Russian Concern over NATO Missile Defense