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Iran's Nuclear Program 

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Special Reports

April 2013: Iran's Nuclear Odyssey: Costs and Risks

November 2012: The United States and Iran: Anticipating Effects of Conflict on the Global Economy

October 2011: Towards Enhanced Safeguards for Iran’s Nuclear Program

Issue Briefs

June 2012: Sanctions and Nonproliferation in North Korea and Iran: A Comparative Analysis

January 2011: Using Enrichment Capacity to Estimate Iran's Breakout Potential

July 2010: Will Iran Give Up 20 Percent Enrichment

April 2010: The Twenty Percent Solution


2013 December 11: Al Jazeera America, "Congress Should Delay Action On New Sanctions Against Iran"

2013 December 2: Hiroshima Report Blog, "Implications Of The Recent Deal With Iran On Getting Controls On Civilian Nuclear Fuel Cycles"

2013 November 12: Al Jazeera America, "Iran Is Negotiating With The Wrong U.S. Officials"

2013 October 12: The National Interest, "The Siren Song Of Zero Enrichment"

2013 July 30: The Hill, "The Making Of An Iraq Sequel With Iran"

2013 July 18: Roll Call, "Countering An Iranian Rope-a-Dope"

2012 November 9: Lobelog, "President Obama Has Time to Deal With Iran, If Only He Knew It"  

2012 February 29: CNN - Global Public Square Blog, "Why Iran Sanctions Won't Work"

2012 January 13: The Atlantic"Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists Is Counterproductive and Wrong"

2012 January 4: Foreign Policy, "Supreme Loser" 

2011 November 18: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, "Seyed Houssein Mousavian: The West is Pushing Iran in the Wrong Direction"

2011 November 10: The Atlantic, "It's Not Too Late to Peacefully Keep Iran From the Bomb"

2011 October 26: Huffington Post, "Washington Should Not Let the New Iran Crisis Go To Waste"

2011 September 29: International Herald Tribune, "An Iran Offer Worth Considering"

2011 September 13: The Atlantic, "On Iran's Nuclear Program, Science Contradicts Rhetoric" 

2011 September 11: Foreign Policy, Waiting for Bushehr

2011 April 1: The AtlanticWill Fukushima Force Iran to Reconsider Nuclear Program? 

Enrichment Explained


The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The nuclear fuel cycle is composed of several stages. This contributes to the complexity of monitoring nuclear programs. Click here for a detailed description of the nuclear fuel cycle.