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Guidelines for "Up For Debate" 

The following serves as the official debate and rebuttal policy for participants of FAS's "Up For Debate." All participants are required to follow these rules. 

Each opinion must stay on topic and feature relevant content, or be a rebuttal. No ad hominem and personal attacks, name calling, libel, or defamation is allowed.

Proper citations must be given. There must be no plagiarism or copyright violations. Participants and readers can report content that falls outside these debate rules by emailing [email protected]


Rebuttals should be no more than 500 words.


When quoting, quote what is relevant to your response. Also please include the name of the person you are quoting with the quote, as some FAS debates will have multiple respondents.

Quoting External Sources

You are encouraged to provide support for any claims you make through the use of external sources.

The following should be followed as proper citation:

1) An external link is primarily for verification purposes and to allow the reader access to
further details on the topic.

2) When quoting material, the quoted text should be clearly set apart from your main text.
Please use indents in addition to enclosing your text in quotes.

3) If it is not self-evident, an explanation should be provided as how the source supports
the exact claim you make.


It is unacceptable to copy and paste material written by others without acknowledgment. Please provide a citation or a link to the source.


FAS invites analytical and factual comments that advance the debate, but reserves the right to reject derogatory or unrelated messages. Authors who may be FAS staff or acknowledged experts from outside the institution contribute content. These debates do not represent an FAS institutional position on policy issues. All statements of fact and expressions of opinion contained in this and other FAS publications or blogs are the sole responsibility of the author or authors.