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2012 NATO Summit 

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On May 20-21, 2012, heads of state and governments of NATO member states will convene in Chicago for the 2012 summit to discuss regional and global security challenges. Key items on the summit agenda include a transition plan for NATO forces in Afghanistan after the end of combat in 2014, NATO's defense and security goals, and tactics to enhance NATO partnership with non-member states.

At the summit, member countries will approve the release of the Deterrence and Defense Posture Review (DDPR), which is NATO's review of its military posture. Non-strategic nuclear weapons are a large component of the DDPR, as the United States, Russia and NATO do not disclose how many non-strategic weapons they have or where they are deployed.

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Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Updates regarding developments in nuclear fuel cycle relevant to nuclear weapons proliferation and uranium enrichment methods.

Nuclear Calculators: Calculate weapons blast effect and fallout should a nuclear weapons attack occur.

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