Publication Number: EP 1110-3-2
Title: Engineering and Design - Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Tempest Protection for Facilities Proponent: CEMP-ET
Publication Date: 31 December 1990
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Transmittal Letter
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - EMP Environment (File size - 2.7 MB.)
Chapter 3 - EMP Hardening Concepts for Facilities (File size - 1 MB.)
Chapter 4 - System Engineering Requirements
Chapter 5 - Facility Design (File size - 10 MB.)
Chapter 6 - EMP and Tempest Testing Requirements (File size - 4.1 MB.)
Chapter 7 - Protection Maitenance and Surveillance
Chapter 8 - EMP and Temest Risks (File size 1 MB.)
Chapter 9 - EMP and Tempest Protection Concepts
Chapter 10 - Systems Integration
Chapter 11 - Design and Specification Process (File size 2.6 MB.)
Chapter 12 - Tempest-Shielded Facilities (File size 1.1 MB.)
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