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Defence Procurement Executive

Procurement of defence equipment is an important and specialised task. It is the responsibility of the Procurement Executive (PE) in the MOD and is overseen by the Minister of State for Defence Procurement. The PE is led by the Chief of Defence Procurement (CDP) who is accountable to Parliament for the spending of money voted for equipment procurement and logistic support (Votes 2 and 3). This Accounting Officer responsibility covers not only the PE but also the expenditure of the three single-Service logistics commands which procure a wide range of stores and consumables for in-service equipment.

The PE has recently undergone a series of major organisational changes designed to create a slimmed-down, fully integrated, more efficient organisation. A component in this is the move to a single purpose-built site at Abbey Wood in North Bristol in 1997. In the new structure CDP has two deputies. DCDP(Operations) has responsibility for managing the procurement of equipment, with each of his Directors General taking responsibility for different systems or types of defence equipment. Within each of these areas, the job of managing procurement projects rests with Project Managers, who head integrated management teams incorporating technical, contracts, finance, quality control and logistic support expertise.

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