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Chemical Weapons Facilities

Pakistan has imported a number of chemicals that can be used to make chemical agents and is moving slowly toward a commercial chemical industry capable of producing all precursor chemicals needed to support a chemical weapons stockpile. Pakistan has a wide variety of delivery means available for chemical agents, including artillery, aerial bombs, and missiles.

Pakistan has stated that it does not have a chemical weapons capability, and there are no credible reports to contradict this claim. In particular, there are no reports associating particular locations or entities with chemical weapons activities. Pakistan has also ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Given the relatively modest technical infrastructure needed to develop chemical weapons, the evident military incentive for a Pakistani chemical weapons program, and the number of other countries that have developed such capabilities, the apparent absence of chemical weapons in Pakistan is rather noteworthy.

Entities potentially associated with chemical weapons research in Pakistan, including two associated with the Defense Science & Technology Organization, are:

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