Statement by Ukraine


Date:   6 October 1999

Delivered by: H.E. Ambassador Volodymyr Ohrysko, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Organizations in Vienna

Mr. President,
Madam Deputy Secretary General,
Distinguished Delegates,

It is with pleasure that I add my voice to the heartiest congratulations in your address, Mr.

President, on your unanimous election to this important office.

I believe, it is symbolical that the presidency of the Conference has been entrusted to a representative of the State whose people has learnt from its own history what is the danger of nuclear weapons. The Delegation of Ukraine wishes you vigour and stamina in steering this important forum.

In Ukraine that voluntarily renounced its third largest in the world nuclear potential and has been adhering to the obligations it imposed on itself as a Non-Nuclear State, the importance of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty is well understood. This Treaty is viewed as an inherent component of the process aimed at the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. It is for this reason that Ukraine belongs to the States that were first to have put their signatures under this document.

The present situation when some States whom the entry into force of the Treaty depends upon, have successfully ratified it, while the others have confronted certain difficulties in this process, is a matter of great concern. To pinpoint the reasons common for all states, the reasons that prevent them from timely ratifying the CTBT, to define the feasible ways to remedy the situation - this is where, in our opinion, the main objective of the Conference lies.

Every State, naturally, has its peculiarities relating to the ratification of international legal documents, though they should not hamper the process of entry into force of the Treaty. We think, a special responsibility in this matter lies on the Nuclear-Weapon States. The Government, the President of Ukraine are doing their utmost now to expedite the internal procedures relating to the ratification. The packet of the relevant documents has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration, and we hope the parliamentarians will shortly take the necessary positive decision. In this context, we highly regard the assistance rendered to us by the Executive Secretary and the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Preparatory Commission. I have in mind the fruitful meeting of the PTS representatives with Ukrainian parliamentarians, that took place in Kyiv last year.

Mr. President,

The Draft Final Declaration submitted for consideration by the Delegations is the result of a strenuous work and compromising during the last three months. In our opinion, it is a serious political document that will inspire the international community for further steps in solving the problem of the entry into force of the Treaty.

Ukraine had made an unprecedented and exemplary contribution in initiating the process of practical nuclear disarmament. It strictly honours its commitments in this respect. Therefore, we believe we have the moral right to appeal to those representing here the States and non-governmental organizations to unite their efforts in fulfilling the decisions of our forum. That would, hopefully, make it unnecessary to hold another Conference for the similar purpose.

Thank you, Mr. President