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Last Updated on 24 May 97, Reposted Twice Monthly.


The purpose of this newsgroup is to discuss/debate the place of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass-destruction in the modern world. These include nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Technical discussion is also welcome and helps to maintain the focus of the newsgroup so that it does not degenerate into purely philosophical banter.

Please note that binaries are not accepted by most ISP's in non-binary newsgroups such as this. If you post binaries, they will be unusable by most users.


Instead of posting a redundant and long-winded FAQ for the material discussed in "alt.war.nuclear", the following websites are excellent and up-to-date resources suitable for quick reference...

alt.war.nuclear Newsgroup Archive, Maintained by Gregory Walker


The current authorized host sites for this FAQ are the High Energy Weapons Archive hosted/mirrored at:
and MilNet hosted at:
"The High Energy Weapons Archive" Maintained by Carey Sublette

"Trinity Atomic Web Site" Maintained by Gregory Walker, focuses mainly on historical information, notably the reproduction of public domain documents.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Nuclear Program Web
Includes the estimable The Internet and the Bomb: A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons - with links to over 1,000 nuclear-related resources on the internet.

"List of Nuclear Detonations" Compiled by James E. Lawson Jr.

Nuclear Forces Guide [under construction for the rest of 1997, but feedback and contributions would be vastly appreciated]

If you discover other equally worthy resources, please submit them to John Pike them for inclusion in the next update. This FAQ is open to any recommendations and alterations.

This FAQ is archived @

by the Nuclear Resources initiative of the Federation of American Scientsts