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Ballistic Missile Defense

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Current Programs

AEGIS (News)
The Navy's primary battle management radar system
X-Band Radar (News)
A target acquisition and tracking radar for the proposed National Missile Defense system
Ground-Based Interceptor (News)
One of the "weapons" of the proposed National Missile Defense system
Directed Energy Weapons
Airborne Laser (News)
Employs a fire control sensor system and a high-powered laser mounted on a modified 747 to destroy missiles during the boost phase
Space-Based Laser (News)
Employs a high-powered laser mounted on an orbital platform to destroy missiles during the boost phase
Boost Phase Intercept (News)
A system for missile defense which would shoot down incoming missiles immediately after launch
THAAD (News)
Theater High-Altitude Area Defense, Army missile defense system incorporating the PAC-3 interceptor (News) designed to engage targets at the theater level

Former Programs

Policy Documents

Views on NMD
August 2001 - This edition of the FAS Public Interest Report contains three articles on NMD.

NMD and the ABM Treaty
July 24, 2001 - Transcript of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing.   Includes excellent testimony from William Perry.

Coyle Report
August 10, 2000 - Report in Support of National Missile Defense Deployment Readiness Review by Phil Coyle, Director, Operational Test and Evaluation, Pentagon

Address by President Bush
May 1, 2001 - Address by President Bush outlining U.S. policy on missile defense and the ABM Treaty

Rumsfeld Commission Report
July 15, 1998 - Report by the Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States

Richard L. Garwin Archive
Writings on missile defense by the distinguished weapons designer whose career spans the nuclear era

April 11, 2000 - A technical evaluation of the operational effectiveness of the NM System by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ABM Treaty Resources

A chronological listing of major events and developoments.
Primary documents, including treaty text and associated memoranda, statements and other related material.
Chronological archive of official factsheets, announcements, briefings speeches and other related material.
Chronological archive of news reports, commentary analysis and other related material.

BMD Program News

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