Brian Welch
Headquarters, Washington, DC           April 16, 1997
(Phone:  202/358-1600)

RELEASE:  97-68

     NASA and the Air Force Space Command have agreed 
to work together in several areas of mutual interest 
in the hopes of saving both organizations costs and 
sharing in new technologies to benefit future 
spaceflight and spacecraft.

     "This agreement exemplifies NASA's commitment to 
finding ways to reduce cost and, where appropriate, 
share our assets with the Air Force for greater 
efficiencies in our respective missions," said NASA 
Administrator Daniel S. Goldin.

     Under the terms of the agreement signed by Goldin 
and Air Force Space Commander General Howell M. Estes, 
III, NASA and the Air Force will form partnership 
teams to study seven areas of potential cooperation.  
These areas include studying the cost feasibility of 
launching Defense Support Program satellites from the 
Space Shuttle in 1999; possible expanded use of the 
Shuttle for Air Force technology payloads; and 
consolidating plans that outline space transportation 
needs of NASA and the Air Force.

     NASA and the Air Force also will examine their 
respective infrastructures and common-use facilities; 
develop and coordinate an implementation plan to 
address orbiting space debris; and possible 
collaboration on the Clementine II project; and expand 
cooperation in space weather environment research and 
data sharing.

     The partnership teams are scheduled to provide an 
interim report on their findings to senior management 
of both organizations in mid-July of this year.