DOD News Release Reference Number: No. 021-97 January 16, 1997

The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced today the establishment of the Joint Theater Air Missile Defense Organization (JTAMDO). The announcement puts in place the management structure to be used by the Department of Defense in providing the joint force commanders an improved capability to defend against air and missile threats. A primary objective of the new management structure is to effectively and efficiently integrate the Department's requirements and acquisition activities for Theater Air and Missile Defense (TAMD).

A Chairman's control activity, the JTAMDO, will report to the Joint Staff's Director for Force Structure, Resources, and Assessment (J-8). Its primary responsibilities will be to define required systems interoperabilities and operational architectures and to validate the developing joint theater air and missile defense capabilities through both simulation and technology demonstrations. The JTAMDO will coordinate with the combatant commanders and the military services to develop joint mission capstone requirements, a joint mission architecture, and a joint capabilities roadmap.

The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), under the new management structure, will become the integration systems architect for theater air and missile defenses. Working jointly with JTAMDO and the military services, BMDO will translate the JTAMDO-developed operational architecture into system architectures, perform systems engineering at the architecture level, plan and ensure integrated testing of defense architectures and lead program acquisition activities, to include the development of a joint acquisition roadmap for TAMD.

A key product of the new management structure will be a TAMD Master Plan which will incorporate the requirements and acquisitions roadmaps developed by the JTAMDO and BMDO.

More specifically, the Master Plan will provide the prioritized capability requirements for validation by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC), as well as the threat definition and operational concepts.

It will also include the TAMD integration management plan for the Department and the military services, including architecture descriptions, cost, performance characteristics, schedule and engineering and test plans for validation by the service and ballistic missile defense acquisition executives.

While the new management structure will not alter service or agency responsibilities for TAMD program execution and resource management, the changes are expected to significantly enhance coordination between the requirements and acquisition communities, focus requirements generation and planning activities, furnish systems-of-systems engineering at the architecture level and provide for integrated oversight by the Department's senior leaders.

The TAMD management structure changes have begun, to include the initial stand-up activities for the JTAMDO. The process is expected to be fully underway by the end of February, 1997.

Air Force Major General Stephen B. Plummer has been selected as the first director of the JTAMDO and Navy Rear Admiral Herbert C. Kaler as the deputy director. They will assume these duties upon release from their present assignments. General Plummer currently serves as the deputy director for Current Readiness and Capabilities (J-38) in the Directorate for Operations on the Joint Staff. Admiral Kaler is currently serving as the program executive officer, Mine Warefare, Department of the Navy.