The Executive Chairman

27 November 1998


As you know, the members of the Security Council held informal consultations on 24 November 1998, to consider, in particular, issues related to the provision by Iraq of documents and access to relevant archives as requested by the Commission in its letter dated 17 November. I attended that meeting.

During the consultations, members of the Council supported the Commission's requests, contained in its letter of 17 November, that had been made in order to significantly advance work with respect to accounting for Iraq's proscribed weapons and related capabilities, and to increase the Commission's confidence in the level of verification already achieved.

On the issue of the Air Force document on the consumption of special munitions, and in the light of the discussions in the Council, I request that the Iraqi side hand over to the Acting Director of the BMVC, by 30 November, the sealed envelope containing the document, so sealed, on 13 July 1998. If you deem it appropriate, the transfer of the document may be accompanied by a written statement with explanations that Iraq may wish to make, on this occasion, concerning the format and content of the document. Upon completion of translation and examination of the document by the Commission's experts, I will be ready to take appropriate decisions on follow-up steps, including, if required, meetings between experts from Iraq and the Commission, their timing and format.

In its letter dated 19 November, Iraq expressed its readiness to submit the documents which would meet the request of the Commission related to documents concerning the creation and armament of Missile Unit 223. I would appreciate it if these documents were handed over to the Acting Director of BMVC, in the coming days, so that the Commission may start translation and examination of them.

It would also be helpful if the other documents specified in the Annex to my letter of 17 November could be provided as soon as possible.

In the light of the discussions in the Security Council, I hope that you can now find it possible to respond constructively so that progress may be achieved in resolving outstanding disarmament issues.

[signed] Richard Butler

His Excellency

Mr. Tariq Aziz

Deputy Prime Minister

Baghdad, Iraq