(more) UNSCOM Press Release on Iraq (UN Information Service)


                    14 December 1995


  Geneva, 13 December (UN Information Service)  -- The Governing Council  of

the United  Nations Compensation Commission  today concluded its  nineteenth

session, which  began  on 11  December,  under  the presidency  of  Giuseppe

Baldocci  (Italy),  by deciding  to  pay  $2.45  million  to 719  successful

claimants in the final instalment of  category "B" (serious personal  injury

and death) claims arising from the Persian Gulf war. 

  With the conclusion of the proceedings  in that claims category,  the only

category  "B" claims  that remain  pending  are  those of  approximately 550

missing persons,  mostly Kuwaitis, whose  fate is still  unknown.  With  the

latest award  amounts approved, a total  of $13,460,000  in compensation has

been made available  to over 4,000 category  "B" claimants from 40 countries

and three international organizations (United Nations High Commissioner  for

Refugees, United  Nations Development  Programme and  United Nations  Relief

and Works Agency for  Palestine Refugees in  the Near East filing claims  on

behalf of Palestinians).

  Also in  the course of the session, the Council approved the report of the

Panel of Commissioners for the fifth  instalment of category "A" (departure)

claims, awarding approximately $784 million to more than

217,000 individuals.   With the  inclusion of those  figures from the  fifth

instalment,   the  Commission   to   date  has   awarded  $2.6   billion  to

approximately  800,000  successful category  "A"  claimants.    The  140,000

claims  that remain pending in  that category are  being checked as possible

duplicates or  will need  further individual  examination.   It is  expected

that  the sixth  and  final  instalment  of  category  "A"  claims  will  be

concluded in mid-1996.

  The Governing  Council also adopted procedures  to enhance the  efficiency

and regulate  the time-frame  for completion  of the  work of the  panels of

Commissioners resolving claims in  categories D, E and F.  The Council  also

requested the Executive  Secretary of  the Commission,  Carlos Alzamora,  to

write to all Governments that  have submitted category D, E and F claims  in

order that they  may identify  the identities of  individuals and any  other

information  of  a  confidential nature  from  a  business perspective  that

should be  removed before  panels of  Commissioners may  provide the  claims

documents to third parties.

              - 2 -      Press Release IK/185

                  14 December 1995

  During the  course of the session,  the Executive  Secretary also reported

to the Council that  the Government of Kuwait  had transferred to the United

Nations Escrow  Account $613,780 as  revenue obtained  from the sale  of the

cargoes of seized ships carrying illegal Iraqi oil exports, of which

30  per cent will be  made available to the  Commission's Compensation Fund.

The  Commission is continuing  its efforts  to obtain  similar revenues from

the sale

of the cargoes of other seized ships.

  The  Governing Council accepted  for filing  271 late  claims submitted in

categories A, B, C  (individual property loss) and D but rejected the filing

of 1,326 other late claims in those categories.  In addition, the  Governing

Council  accepted the  filing of  six late  claims in category  E (corporate

claims).   The Council also set  a final deadline  of 1 January 1996 for the

continued acceptance of the filing of  individual late claims in  categories

A, B, C and D.


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