12 October 1995



  GENEVA, 11  October (UN Information Service)  -- The  Governing Council of

the United Nations Compensation Commission held its eighteenth Session from

9  to 11 October 1995  under the presidency  of the Permanent Representative

of  Italy to  the United  Nations Office  at  Geneva, Giuseppe  Baldocci, to

consider additional compensation claims resulting from departures from  Iraq

and Kuwait during the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War.

  After receiving the report of Executive Secretary Carlos Alzamora

and the  report of the working  group, through its  Chairman, Corrado Milesi

Ferretti,  the  Council  approved  the  fourth   report  of  the  Panel   of

Commissioners for category "A" claims, for individual departures,

awarding $771,531,000 to 217,513 individual claimants from 67 countries  and

three international  organizations filing Palestinian  claims.  This  latest

approval  brings the total of  resolved category "A"  claims to over 560,000

claims from  77 countries and international  organizations, with  a value of

over $2 billion.

  The Council  also received the report  and recommendations of the panel on

the jurisdiction  phase of the consolidated  Egyptian workers  claim.  While

awaiting the  panel's  final report,  the  Council  requested the  Executive

Secretary to provide the text of the report to the Governments of Egypt

and Iraq.

  The Council decided to pay the  outstanding compensation awards issued  so

far in  category "B" claims (death  and serious  personal injuries) totaling

$8.2  million  to  claimants  from  41  countries  and  three  international

organizations filing Palestinian claims.  This is in addition to the

$2.7 million already paid on the first instalment to claimants from

16 countries.

  The  Commission accepted  for processing, on a  selective and case-by-case

basis, 3,110 claims in  categories A, B, C,  D and E filed  by 18  countries

and four international organizations after  the expiration date, for reasons

beyond the responsibility of  the claimants or due to the breakdown in civil

order  of the  country concerned.   Another  1,349 claims were  submitted to

further examination, while 130 were not accepted.


- 2 -    Press Release IK/183

                  12 October 1995  

  The  Council  discussed several  procedural  measures  to  facilitate  the

submission of additional information  and views by the parties and to  speed

up the  processing of claims.  Other measures were adopted by the Council to

reduce costs.

  The  Council  also  considered  the  question  of  additional  sources  of

funding,  in conjunction with the  letter addressed by the  President of the

Governing Council to the  Chairman of the Sanctions Committee.  That  letter

requested  information on  the confiscated  Iraqi  oil illegally  carried by

ships seized in the  Persian Gulf that,  according to the relevant  Security

Council provisions, should  be sold, with its proceeds  to go to the  escrow

account and 30 per cent transferred to the Compensation Fund.

  Representatives  from the  Governments of  Kuwait, Iraq,  Sudan and  India

addressed the Council.

  The next meeting of the Governing Council will take place from

11 to 13 December 1995.

* *** *