16 December 1993


                           FROM FIVE NEW IRAQI SITES

     The following was received from the Special Commission set up under

Security Council resolution 687 (1991) in connection with the disposal of

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction:

     The Special Commission has completed a second survey in Iraq to plot the

location of gamma emissions, in particular those above normal local background

levels.  The survey was conducted using sensors mounted on the Commission's

helicopters.  The purpose of the mission was to obtain more detailed

information on the emissions from certain areas covered during the first such

survey last September and to investigate new areas.

     Gamma radiation is emitted from many types of radioactive materials.  The

aerial surveys will serve to verify that the radio-elements identified and

their locations are fully consistent with Iraq's declaration of its nuclear

programme.  The surveys will also identify any areas which require further

investigation.  The final results of those investigations will give the

Commission an account of the nature and level of emission at each site

investigated.  Future missions will then be able to detect any changes in the

level of radiation.

     Major changes in emission levels might be indicative of movements of

radioactive materials, which should be subject to monitoring and verification

under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)'s plan to monitor Iraq's

compliance with its obligations not to re-acquire nuclear capability.

     A total of five new sites were surveyed during this mission, bringing to

seven the total number of sites so surveyed.  Those sites were in and around

municipal Baghdad and in central and north-western Iraq.

                                    * *** *