MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 144/98 June 9, 1998 BRITISH NUCLEAR TEST VETERANS The European Court of Human Rights today ruled in favour of the Ministry of Defence on two test cases brought by nuclear test veterans against the Department. In welcoming the ruling, John Spellar, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence said: "Although these cases were essentially about process, the key issue is that of the health of the test veterans. The documents which we have provided both before and during the Court case clearly demonstrate that the great majority of Servicemen present at the tests were in a safe position too far from the nuclear detonations to receive any measurable radiation dose." The health of the test veterans has been the subject of two large epidemiological studies by the independent and highly respected National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund which demonstrated that there is no excess of ill health among test veterans as a group. We do, however, continue to fund the NRPB for the upkeep of the test veterans study database.