DATE=8/30/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=RUSSIA / SUB (L-ONLY) NUMBER=2-265989 BYLINE=EVE CONANT DATELINE=MOSCOW CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Russian officials say efforts to recover the remains of 118-seamen who died aboard the nuclear submarine Kursk will begin by the end of September. The Kremlin has been under intense pressure from the victims' families to retrieve the bodies for burial. Moscow Correspondent Eve Conant reports, the plan calls for Norwegian and Russian deep-sea divers to drill six holes into the submarine's hull, then extract the bodies. TEXT: After meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov announced a Russian plan for Norwegian and Russian deep-sea divers to train for one-month and then begin the delicate task of recovering the bodies of the 118 seamen trapped in the sunken Kursk submarine. /// 1ST KLEBANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN--IN FULL & FADE /// Mr. Klebanov says preparations for the recovery mission will take one month. He says Russian officials hope that several crews will be able to go underwater to begin the mission by the end of September. All 118-seamen aboard the Kursk died after the nuclear-powered vessel plunged to the bottom of the Barents Sea during training exercises on August 12th. Russian officials say the disaster was most likely caused by a collision with a foreign object, which then set off an explosion inside the Kursk. U-S official's say there is evidence the explosion was caused by a faulty torpedo onboard the submarine. Deputy Prime Minister Klebanov said no new torpedoes were being tested, and the type onboard the Kursk had been in service for 20-years. Mr. Klebanov said only Russian divers would enter the Kursk, but that each deep-diver's crew would consist of one Norwegian and two Russians. The Russian plan envisions that the diving teams will drill holes into the hull. Russian divers will then enter the vessel and begin to remove the bodies. Deputy Prime Minister Klebanov estimated it would cost between five-million and seven-million dollars to recover the crewmembers' remains. The next step would be to raise the entire submarine from the sea bottom. /// 2ND KLEBANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN--IN FULL & FADE /// He says it will be a very complicated operation, perhaps one of the most complicated operations on lifting sunken vessels ever carried out in the world. The operation likely would be in Mr. Klebanov's words - technically, purely Russian, but would involve international financing. The Russian government official says efforts to raise the submarine most likely would begin next September, after a full year of preparations. (SIGNED) NEB/EC/WTW/RAE 30-Aug-2000 12:31 PM EDT (30-Aug-2000 1631 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .