Russian Space Chief Outlines Funding Needs

Moscow Interfax 12 Apr 2000

MOSCOW. April 12 (Interfax) - Russia will need at least 6 billion rubles next year for its own space program and the fulfillment of international commitments, a top Russian space official has said.

When President elect Vladimir Putin on March 30 signed the federal space program for 2001-2005, "Russia set the guidelines for its space activities for the next five years," head of the Russian Aerospace Agency Yuri Koptev told Interfax during a break in the Wednesday special evening meeting on Cosmonauts Day.

The 2000 budget earmarks 3.4 billion rubles to the space program. In addition, 1.5 billion in additional budget revenues are to be allocated for the continuation of the operations of Russia's orbiting Mir space station.