Title: Norwegian Official on `Concern' at Reaction To Missile Document Number: FBIS-SOV-95-018 Document Type: Daily Report Document Date: 26 Jan 1995 Division: RUSSIA INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Sourceline: LD2601221795 Moscow 2x2 Television in Russian 2001 GMT 26 Jan 95 AFS Number: LD2601221795 Citysource: Moscow 2x2 Television Language: Russian Article Type: BFN>>TV Interview with Norwegian Official on Rocket Launch

TV Interview with Norwegian Official on Rocket Launch

Moscow 2x2 Television, 26 January 1995

[FBIS Translated Excerpt] [Announcer] Colonel General
Mikhail Kolesnikov, chief of the General Staff, has told the
INTERFAX agency that the rocket could be described as a new type
of operational tactical missile. [passage omitted]
Our correspondent met Dag Halvorsen, press aide at the
Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, today.
[Begin Halvorsen recording] The Norwegian ambassador visited
the Russian Foreign Ministry this evening and he was given an
assurance there that the Russian embassy really had received our
note of 21 December last year, to the effect that this launch
was being planned, that this information was distributed to the
appropriate Russian departments, and that we were in no way
being reproached as Norway had observed the proper procedure for
such cases. We expected the Russian authorities to take every
measure to prevent any misunderstandings occurring. Although we
supplied all the necessary information and repeated the
information through flight control channels on 16 January, this
launch led to some alarm among the Russian missile forces and
this is cause for some concern. [end recording]