Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

l [JP 1-02] search subarea length

L 1aircraft symbol – cold weather, 2[FM 101-5-1] light (refers to infantry) (graphics), 3[JP 1-02] length

L&I launch and impact (radar missile report)

L&L legislative liaison

L&MM logistics and materiel management

L&OG logistics and operations group

L&V lethality and vulnerability

L-COM logistics composite model (USAF)

L-hour [JP 1-02] specific hour on C-day at which a deployment operation commences or is to commence

L/C load crew

L/D lift-to-drag ratio

L/L latitude/longitude

L/M lines per minute

L/O lift-off

L/R 1launch and recovery, 2locus of radius

L3TV low light level television

L6 Honeywell Level 6 (WWMCCS®)

LA 1laser gyro axis, 2lead angle, 3lightning arrester, 4Louisiana, 5logistics assistance, 6library administrator, 7log analyzer, 8low altitude, 9legislative affairs, 10legislative assistant (Congress), 11[JP 1-02] lead agent, 12[JP 1-02] loop key generator (LKG) adapter, 13[JP 1-02] line amplifier, 14[JP 1-02] legal adviser, 15[AR 310-50] letter of activation

LA/LL legislative affairs/liaison

LAA 1local access authorization, 2limited access authorization

LAAMS land armaments movement model

LAAP [AR 310-50] Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant

LAAS 1low altitude airfield attack system, 2low altitude alerting system

LAAV light airborne ASW vehicle

LAAW 1lightweight assault antitank weapon, 2[AR 310-50] legal automated Army - wide

LAB 1land air battle, 2low altitude bombing, 3[FM 101-5-1] logistics assault base, 4[AR 310-50] laboratory

LABCOM United States Army Laboratory Command

LABS [AR 310-50] low-altitude bomb aiming system

LAC 1local area controller, 2limited agency check, 3leading air craftsman, 4last acquisition cost, 5local agency check

LACE [AR 310-50] local automatic circuit exchange

LACH [JP 1-02] lightweight amphibious container handler

LACI Land Air Campaign Initiative (USAREUR)

LACV [JP 1-02] lighter, air cushioned vehicle

LAD 1location aid device, 2logical aptitude device, 3latest arrival date, 4logistics anchor desk, 5low altitude dispenser, 6[JP 1-02] latest arrival date at port of debarkation, 7[AR 310-50] liquid agent detector

LADA [AR 310-50] light air defense artillery

LADAPT lookup dictionary adapter program

LADAR 1laser detection and ranging, 2laser radar

LADD low altitude drogue

LADDR layered device driver architecture [Microsoft]

LAE left arithmetic element

LAEDP large area electronic display panel

LAG 1load and go assembler, 2logical application group, 3launch analysis group

LAH 1local analyzer of hypothesis, 2light attack helicopter

LAI lean aircraft initiative

LAIR Letterman Army Institute of Research

LAIS Logistics Attrition Information System (TAC)

LAISO Lead Army Materiel Command Integration Support Office

LAIT [AR 310-50] logistics assistance and instruction team

LAK look-alike disk

LALL longest allowed lobe length

LAM 1Louisiana Maneuvers, 2loop adder and modifier, 3logistics attrition model (SAC)

LAMC [AR 310-50] Letterman Army Medical Center

LAMCS [AR 310-50] Latin American Military Communications System

LAMM land armament manpower and materiel database (NATO)

LAMPS 1light airborne multipurpose system, 2Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System. [LAMPS I was the SH-2D Seasprite, LAMPS II is the SH-60B Seahawk], 3logistics assessment of modifications program

LAMS local area missile system

LAN 1local area network, 2launch after NUDET, 3local apparent noon

LAN/WAN local/wide area network

LANA low-altitude night attack system

LANACS local area network asynchronous connection server

LANCC 1local area network control center, 2local area network communications controller

LANCC/SM local area network control center and security monitor

LANCRAB [AR 310-50] landing craft and bases

LANDP local area network distributed platform

LANDSAT [JP 3-50.2] land satellite

LANDSOUTH Allied Land Forces Southern Europe (NATO)

LANDSOUTHEAST Allied Land Forces Southeastern Europe (NATO)

LANDSS Lightweight Advanced Night/Day Surveillance System

LANE local area network emulation

LANHIP local area network host interface protocol

LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANNET 1large artificial nerve net, 2large artificial neuron network

LANS Loran Airborne Navigation System

LANT Atlantic Area

LANTCOM Atlantic Command (USN)

LANTDAC Atlantic Command Defense Analysis Center

LANTDIS United States Atlantic Command Deployable Intelligence System

LANTFLT Atlantic Fleet

LANTIRN Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared, Night

LAO [JP 1-02] limited attack option, [AR 310-50] logistic assistance office

LAOCIF [AR 310-50] Logistic Assistance Office Command Internet Flasher

LAP 1leadership assessment program, 2load, assemble, and pack, 3lesson assembly program, 4list assembly program, 5link access procedure, 6launcher avionics package, 7link access protocol, 8loading, assembling, and packing

LAP-B link access protocol-balanced

LAPB 1link access procedure balanced (protocol), 2link access protocol balanced

LAPD 1link access procedure direct (protocol), 2limited axial power distribution, 3link access protocol – digital

LAPDOG low-altitude pursuit on ground

LAPE low altitude parachute extraction system

LAPERS Labor and Production Effectiveness Reporting System

LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System

LAPM link access procedure for modems

LAR 1logistics assessment review, 2low angle reentry, 3load access rights, 4local acquisition radar, 5logistics assistance representative, 6launch acceptability region

LARC 1locally assigned ammunition reporting code, 2[JP 1-02] lighter, amphibious resupply cargo

LARC-60 [JP 1-02] lighter, amphibious resupply cargo

LARC-LX [JP 4-01.6] lighter, amphibious resupply cargo 60 ton

LARC-V [JP 4-01.6] lighter, amphibious resupply cargo 5 ton

LARIAT Laser Radar Intelligence Acquisition Technology [469L spacetrack]

LARS laser angular rate sensor [Defender]

LAS 1large astronomical satellite, 2limited space charge accumulation

LASCOM laser communication

LASCR light-activated silicon-controlled rectifier

LASE logistic asset support estimate

LASER (laser) light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

LASERCOM laser communications

LASH [JP 1-02] lighter aboard ship

LASINT laser intelligence

LASL Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

LASS 1Logistics Activities Status System (JCS), 2[USN] launch area support ship

LASSO laser search and secure observer

LASTE low altitude safety and targeting enhancement

LASTport local area storage transport (protocol) [DEC]

lat latitude

LAT 1local access terminal, 2lot acceptance test, 3local apparent time, 4local area transport [DEC], 5[AR 310-50] latitude

LATA local access and transport area

LAU launcher unit

LAV light armored vehicle

LAV-AD light armored vehicle air defense

LAV-FIST Light Armored Vehicle Full Crew Interactive Simulation Trainer

LAVA linear amplifier for various applications

LAVC local area VAX cluster

LAW light antitank weapon

LAWN local area wireless network

LAWS low-altitude warning system

lb pound

LB 1light bombardment, 2line block, 3local battery, 4left button (of 2 or 3 button mouse), 5large business, 6[TTPIO-ABCS] Longbow, 7[AR 310-50] litter bearer, 8[AR 310-50] landing beach

LBA logical block addressing

LBAD [AR 310-50] Lexington - Blue Grass Army Deport

LBD laser beam directors (RADC)

LBH light battlefield helicopter

LBHE low blast, high exposure

LBL 1label, 2liability company

LBO line buildout

LBP length between perpendiculars

LBR librarian

LBS line block simulator

LBSS Lightweight Battlefield Surveillance System

LBT 1low bit test, 2listen before talk

LBTS land based test site

LBVDS lightweight, broadband variable depth sonar

LBX local bus accelerator

LC 1line of contact, 2Library of Congress, 3inductor-capacitor circuit (as in filters, L is symbol inductance), 4lead covered, 5level control, 6line carrying, 7line connector, 8line of communication, 9liquid crystals, 10load center, 11load carrier, 12lightweight computer, 13load compensating [relay], 14low carbon, 15letter contract, 16[JP 1-02] lake current

LC3 logistics command, control, and communications

LCA 1logistics control activity, 2Lotus Communications Architecture, 3landing craft, assault, 4[AR 310-50] launcher control area (missile)

LCAAP [AR 310-50] Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

LCAC [USN] landing craft, air cushioned

LCAJ low-cost anti-jam system

LCAMIMS Logistics Capability Assessment Models Information Management System (HQ USAF)

LCATS Large Capacity Automated Telecommunications System (USAF)

LCB [JP 1-02] line of constant bearing

LCC 1logistic control code, 2life-cycle cost, 3logistics coordination center, 4liquid crystal cell, 5logistics control center, 6land component commander, 7leadless chip carrier, 8amphibious command ship, 9launch control center, 10local command center,11limited capability configuration, 12launch control car, 13[JP 1-02] lighterage control center, 14[JP 1-02] link communications circuit, 15[AR 310-50] landing craft, control

LCCB [AR 310-50] local configuration control board

LCCBA life cycle cost benefit analysis

LCCE life-cycle cost estimate

LCCS 1life-cycle contract support, 2life cycle contractor support

LCD 1liquid crystal display, 2load classification group, 3lowest common denominator, 4logistics communication division

LCDL large components test loop

LCDR [AR 310-50] lieutenant commander

LCE logistics capability estimator

LCEHV low cost expendable harassment vehicle

LCES [JP 1-02] line conditioning equipment scanner

LCF 1language central facility, 2local cycle fatigue, 3low cost fiber, 4low cycle fatigue

LCH light combat helicopter

LCHS Large Component Handling System

LCI 1logical channel identifier, 2[USN] landing craft, infantry, 3[AR 310-50] launcher control indicator

LCK Library Construction Kit [Microsoft FoxPro]

LCL 1lifting condensation level, 2linkage control language, 3less than carload

LCLM low-cost lightweight missile

LCLV liquid-crystal light valve

LCM 1life-cycle model, 2life cycle management, 3large core memory, 4least common multiple, 5LEAF creation method, 6least common multiplier, 7[USN] landing craft, mechanized (units), 8laboratory contract manager, 9line control module, 10logistics capability model (USAFE)

LCMM Life Cycle Management Model

LCMP life cycle management plan

LCMS Logistics Capability Measurement System (USAF)

LCMWG life cycle management working group

LCN 1logistics support analysis control number, 2load classification number, 3local computer network, 4logistic control number

LCO 1loan control officer, 2limited condition of operability, 3[JP 1-02] lighterage control officer, 4[AR 310-50] launching control officer

LCOM logistic composite model

LCOP [AR 310-50] Logistics Control Office, Pacific

LCP 1link control protocol, 2language conversion program, 3[USN] landing craft, personnel, 4[JP 1-02] lighterage control point

LCPK low cost precision kill

LCPL landing craft, personnel, large

LCPVC life cycle present value costs

LCR 1inductance-capacitance-resistance, 2log count rate, 3line control register, 4listed character reference

LCS 1large core storage, 2loop control system, 3loudness-contour selector, 4life cycle support, 5launch control system

LCSE life cycle software engineering

LCSEC life-cycle software engineering center

LCSMM Life Cycle System Management Model

LCSP life cycle support plan

LCSRM loop current step response method

LCSS 1Lightweight Camouflage Screen System, 2land combat support system, 3life cycle software support

LCSSE life cycle software support environment

LCT 1[USN] landing craft, tank, 2landing craft tanks, 3low cost terminal

LCTA land condition trend analysis

LCTI large components test installation

LCU 1lightweight computer unit, 2[USN] landing craft, utility, 3last cluster used, 4[JP 1-02] launch correlation unit

LCV light commercial vehicles

LCVD least voltage coincidence detection

LCVIP licensee contractor vendor inspection report

LCVP [USN] landing craft, vehicle, personnel

LCX logistics coordination exercise

LD 1line of departure, 2light discipline, 3line drawing, 4long distance, 5loaded deployability posture, 6launch dependability, 7logistic demonstration, 7[AR 310-50] line of duty

LD is FFD [AR 310-50] line of departure is friendly forward disposition

LD is PPos [AR 310-50] line of departure is present position

LD/LC [FM 101-5-1] line of departure is line of contact

LDA 1logical device address, 2locate drum address, 3landing distance available

LDAP lightweight directory access protocol [IBM]

LDB light distribution box

LDC 1latitude data computer, 2light direction center, 3line drop compensator, 4land defense of CONUS, 5less developed country, 6local distribution center telephone, 7[AR 310-50] local defense center, 8[AR 310-50] logistics data center

LDCC 1large diameter component cask, 2leaded chip carrier

LDCS long distance control system

LDD loss, damage, or destruction

LDDI less developed defense industrial nation

LDDN Leader Development Decision Network

LDDS low density data system

LDE 1laminar defect examination, 2linear differential equation

LDEF long-duration exposure facility (RADC)

LDF 1linear display file, 2lightweight digital facsimile

LDG logistics data gateway

LDGP low-drag, general purpose (bomb)

LDI [JP 1-02] line driver interface

LDL [AR 310-50] lower division level

LDM 1long distance modem, 2logistics decision model, 3logistics data manager

LDMX 1local digital message exchange, 2less than full exchange

LDNS doppler navigation system

LDO 1limited duty officer, 2[JP 1-02] laser designator operator

LDOCF long distance operational control facility

LDP 1language data processing, 2language designated position, 3[AR 310-50] local data processor

ldr leader

LDR 1light dependent resistor, 2low data rate, 3[JP 1-02] leader

LDRDEV leader developer

LDRI low data rate input

LDRS LEM data reduction system

LDS 1large disk storage, 2local distribution system, 3logistics data system

LDSRA [AR 310-50] United States Army Logistics Doctrine Systems and Readiness Agency

LDSS Leader Development Support System

LDSVR letter design specification validation report

LDT 1logic design translator, 2long distance transmission, 3Local Descriptor Table [IBM OS/2]

LDUUV large diameter unmanned undersea vehicle

LDVR letter design validation report

LDVS Logistics Data Validation System (JCS)

LDX long distance xerography

LE 1antenna effect length for electric-field antennas, 2leading edge, 3light equipment, 4limut or error, 5less or equal, 6low explosive, 7launch effectiveness, 8lightning effect, 9[FM 101-5-1] Lebanon

LEA 1United States Army Logistic Evaluation Agency, 2load effective address, 3law enforcement agency, 4limited exclusion area, 5logistic engineering analysis

LEAD 1leadership education and development, 2low-cost encryption authentication devices, 3Letterkenny Army Depot, 4logistic engineering advanced demonstration

LEADS Law Enforcement Automated Data System

LEAF law enforcement access field

LEAP 1[computer] Language for the Expression of Associative Procedures, 2lightweight exoatmospheric projectile

LEAR Logistics Evaluation and Review Technique

LEAS Lease Electronic Accounting System

LEASAT [JP 1-02] leased satellite

LEAU [JP 3-07.4] Law Enforcement Assistance Unit (FAA)

LEC 1local area network emulation client, 2local exchange carrier, 3LANTCOM ELINT Center Local Exchange

LECP logistic engineering change proposal

LED 1light-emitting diode, 2low endoatmospheric defense, 3law enforcement desk

LEDC Logistics Executive Development Course

LEDET [JP 1-02] law enforcement detachment (USCG)

LEDT limited-entry decision table

LEED 1laser-energised explosive device, 2low energy electron diffraction

LEER low-energy electron reflections

LEF light-emitting film

LEG [AR 310-50] logistical expediting group

LEI link eleven improvements

LEL link, embed and launch-to-edit [Lotus]

LEM 1antenna effective length for magnetic-field antennas, 2logistics element manager, 3language extension module, 4Lunar Excursion Module [renamed LM], 5logistic element manager

LEMUF limit of error on materiel unaccounted for

LEN 1low entry networking, 2large extension node

LENS large extension node switch

LENSCE limited enemy situation correlation element (USAF)

LEO 1link everything online [WWW], 2low earth orbit

LEP 1lowest evaluated price, 2lower end plug, 3Logistics Excellence Program, 4layered electrical product, 5[CJCSI 6130.01] linear error probable

LEPC local emergency planning committee

LER 1licensee event report, 2light-emitting resister, 3loss exchange ratio

LERP linear interpolation

LERTCON 1Alert Condition System (JCS), 2[AR 310-50] alert condition

LERX leading edge root extension

LES 1launch environment simulator, 2limited early site, 3local area network emulation server, 4leading edge services, 5leading edge simulation (TAC), 6[JP 1-02] Lincoln Laboratories Experimental Satellite, 7[JP 1-02] law enforcement sensitive, 8[AR 310-50] leave and earnings statement

LESATCOM leased satellite communication [UHF]

LESR limited early site review

LET 1Launch Effects Trainer, 2linear energy transfer, 3[JP 1-02] light equipment transport

LEWDD lightweight early warning detection device

LEWS lightweight extreme weather shelter

LEWWG land electronic warfare working group

LEX 1lexicon, 2leading edge extension

LF 1leapfrog configuration [circuit theory], 2load factor [tabular], 3low frequency (30 to 300 kHz), 4line feed, 5landing force, 6launch facility, 7local forces, 8low frequency synthesizer, 9late finish

LFA low frequency active

LFBCS Light Forces Battle Command Simulator

LFC 1low frequency control, 2local file check

LFCCIS Land Forces Command and Control Information System [Canada]

LFCS [AR 310-50] land forces classification system

LFDF low frequency direction finder

LFF logistics factors file (WWMCCS®)

LFI last file indicator

LFICS landing force integrated communications system

LFM 1linear FM, 2[JP 1-02] Landing Force Manual

LFN 1long file name, 2long file names

LFNGFT [AR 310-50] landing force naval gunfire team

LFO low-frequency oscillator

LFOC landing force operations center (USMC)

LFORM [JP 1-02] landing force operational reserve material

LFOV large field-of-view

LFP 1large format printing, 2logistics funding profile

LFR 1low frequency range, 2launch and flight reliability

LFRD lot frequency reliability definition

LFSMS logistics force structure management system

LFSP landing force support party (USMC)

LFT 1low function terminal [IBM], 2live fire test

LFT&E live fire test and evaluation

LFU least frequently used

LFWC Lockheed Fort Worth Company

LFX live fire exercise

LG 1lecture guide, 2landing gear, 3landing ground, 4logistics, 5Directorate of Logistics Systems, AFDSDC, 6logistics, 7logistics group, 7[FM 101-5-1] Latvia, 8[JP 1-02] deputy chief of staff for logistics

LGB laser guided bomb

LGD large group display

LGDT load global descriptor table

LGG light-gun pulse generator

LGM 1laser guided munition, 2silo-launched, guided ground-to-ground missile, 3[JP 1-02] laser-guided missile, 4[JP 1-02] loop group multiplexer

LGM-118A Peacekeeper ICBM (SAC)

LGM-25 Titan II

LGM-30 Minuteman

LGP laser guided projectile

LGSM light ground station module

LGST logistic service test

LGT low group transmit

lgth [AR 310-50] length

LGTHCOLM [AR 310-50] length of column

LGW [JP 1-02] laser-guided weapon

LGWD large group wall display

LGWS laser-guided weapons systems

LH 1labor hour, 2left-hand, 3liquid hydrogen, 4luteinizing hormone, 5light helicopter, 6lower half, 7[FM 101-5-1] Lithuania

LHA 1landing ship, helicopter assault, 2amphibious assault ship (general purpose), 3[AR 310-50] local hour angle

LHAAP [AR 310-50] Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant

LHC left-hand circular [polarization]

LHCN long haul communication network

LHCRC Lapheld Computer Requirements Contract

LHD 1landing ship, helicopter dock, 2amhibious assault ship (improved LHA)

LHDLC logical high-level data lead control

LHGR linear heat generation rate

LHIA logistics horizontal integration analysis

LHITA long haul information transfer architecture

LHR lower hybrid resonance

LHS left hand side

LHT 1lightweight hybrid torpedo, 2[JP 1-02] line-haul tractor

LHWCA Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

LHX light helicopter, experimental (RAH-66 Comanche)

LI 1local intraconnect, 2[AR 310-50] line item

LIA Logistic Integration Agency

LIAS library information access system

LIB 1light infantry brigade, 2logistic information board

LIBMISH [AR 310-50] United States Military Mission, Liberia

LIBRARY tape library and workload management system

LIC 1language identifier code, 2low-intensity conflict, 3linear integrated circuit, 4loop insertion cell, 5line interface coupler [IBM], 6line integrity check, 7[JP 1-02] logistics indicator code

LICK lightweight communications kit

LICROSS (Cablese) [AR 310-50] League of International Red Cross Societies

LICS Lotus international character set

LID 1leadless inverted device, 2locked-in device, 3logical input device, 4lift improvement devices, 5light infantry division (Army), 6like item distribution

LIDAR 1laser infrared radar, 2laser intensity direction and ranging, 3[laser] light detection and ranging

LIDB [AR 310-50] logistics intelligence data base

LIDT load interrupt descriptor table

LIEP large Internet exchange packet [Novell]

LIF 1low insertion force, 2logical interchange format, 3logistics intelligence file (DARCOM), 4[AR 310-50] layaway of industrial facilities

LIFO last in, first out [inventory technique]

LIFSUM airlift summary

LIFT 1logically integrated FORTRAN translator, 2logistics improvement facility technology

LILO last in, last out

LIM 1Lotus/Intel/Microsoft, 2linear induction motor, 3light intensity modulation, 4silo-launched SAM, 5[AR 310-50] losing inventory manager

LIMA Lotus/Intel/Microsoft/AST

LIMAC large integrated monolithic array computer

LIMDIS limited dissemination

LIMDO light intensity modulation direct overwrite

LIMFAC limiting factor(s)

LIMM light intensity modulation method

LIMPES Logistics Interactive Mobilization/Planning and Execution System (USAF)

LIMS library information management system

LIMSCOPE limitation to the scope of testing

LIMSS Logistics Information Management Support System (USAF)

LIN line item number

LINAC linear accelerator

LINAS laser inertial navigation attack system

LINLOG linear-logarithmic

LINS laser inertial navigation system

LINUX (operating system named after Linus Torvalds)

LIP large Internet packet

LIPL linear information processing language

LIR line integral refractometer

LIPS logical inferences per second

LIS 1logistics information system, 2line item summary

LIS/CIV Logistics Information System/Critical Item Visibility System (USMC)

LISA 1library systems analysis, 2logistics information systems analysis (USAF)

LISD logistics information systems division (AFLC)

LISN line impedance stabilization network

LISP computer language [from list processing]

LISSR line item schedule status record

LISTSERV list server [Internet]

LIT 1lead-in training, 2local information transfer

LITA local information transfer architecture

LITE Legal Information Through Electronics

LITS local information transfer system

LIWA land information warfare activity

LIZARDS Library Information Search and Retrieval Data System


LKA 1amphibious cargo ship, 2attack cargo ship

LKG loop key generator

LKP [JP 1-02] last known position

LL 1light line, 2low level, 3liquid limit, 4landline, 5little link, 6long line (NATO), 7legislative liaison, 8long lead, 9[FM 101-5-1] latent lethality

LL/2LM lean logistics/two level maintenance

LLA latitude, longitude, altitude

LLAD low level air defense

LLAP LocalTalk link access protocol

LLC 1logical link control, 2line land control

LLCCMLH low life cycle cost, medium lift helicopter

LLCSC lower-level computer software component

LLD low-level detector

LLDR Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder

LLDT load local descriptor table

LLEIS [AR 310-50] lower level end item sub-division

LLF low level format

LLFM low level flux monitor

LLGB 1launch and leave guided bomb, 2low-level laser guided bomb

LLI long lead item

LLIL long lead item list

LLL 1long-path laser, 2low-level logic, 3Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 4low light level

LLLGB low-level laser-guided bomb

LLLLLL (or L6) Laboratories Low-Level Linked List Language

LLLTV low light level television

LLLwt low level liquid waste tank

LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLOC land lines of communications

LLP long line program

LLPI link level protocol interpreter

LLRES load-emitting resister

LLS laser line scan

LLT long lead time (materiel and/or funding)

LLTI long lead-time item

LLTIL long lead time item list

LLTM long lead time materiel

LLTR low-level transit route

LLTV low-light television

LLVI low level voice intercept

LM 1load master, 2logistics management, 3local manufacture, 4[JP 1-02] loop modem, 5[AR 310-50] Legion of Merit

LMAS Lockheed Martin Aircraft System

LMAV [JP 1-02] laser MAVERICK

LMB left mouse button

LMBCS Lotus multi-byte character set

LMC 1line management code, 2line manager code

LMCA logistic materiel control activity

LMD lead military department

LMDC Leadership and Management Development Center (AU)

LMDS local multipoint distribution service

LME 1lightweight maintenance enclosure, 2locally manufactured equipment

LMF 1linear matched filter, 2language media format

LMFW Lockheed Martin Fort Worth

LMG light machine-gun

LMI 1local management interface, 2Logistics Management Institute, 3logistics management information


LMIS Logistics Management Information System (USMC)

LMME locally manufactured munitions equipment

LMMF [AR 310-50] local maintenance and management of facilities

LMMS Logistics Maintenance Management System

LMOF local media output format

LMP LANTCOM Modernization Program

LMR 1land mobile radio, 2long message recovery

LMRA land mobile radio architecture

LMRDFS Lightweight Man-transportable Radio Direction Finding System, AN/PRD-12

LMRS Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System

LMS 1logistics management system, 2least-mean-square, 3Lotus messaging switch, 4local monitoring station, 5local monitoring system, 6logistics management specialist

LMSC Logistics Management Systems Center

LMSR [JP 4-01.2] large, medium speed roll-on/roll-off

LMSW load machine status word

LMT lightweight military type

LMTAS Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems

LMTBCF launch mean time between critical failure

LMTBDE launch mean time between downing event

LMTR laser marker and target ranger

LMTTRF launch mean time to restore function

LMTTRS launch mean time to restore system

LMU 1LAN Management Utilities [IBM], 2LAN manager for UNIX, 3line modem unit

ln natural logarithm

LN 1load number, 2logarithm (natural), 3logistics needs, 4[AR 310-50] local national(s)

LN:DI Lotus Notes:Document Imaging

LNA 1low noise amplifier, 2logistics net assessment, 3[JP 1-02] low voice amplifier

LNDH [AR 310-50] local nationals, direct hire

LNE late network entry

LNG liquefied natural gas

LNK link

LNKPSC Link Performance Assessment Program

LNO 1liaison officer, 2limited nuclear option

LNP loss of normal power

LNU last name unknown

LNPA low-noise preamplifier

LNR line number

LNTS League of Nations Treaty Series

LO 1learning objective, 2lubrication order, 3lock-on, 4local oscillator, 5longitudinal optical, 6liaison officer, 7low observable (technology), 8low observables (UAV), 9[FM 101-5-1] law and order, 10[FM 101-5-1] Slovakia, 11[AR 310-50] letter orders

LO/LO [JP 1-02] lift-on/lift-off

LO/RO [JP 1-02] lift-on/roll-off

LOA 1letter of agreement, 2length overall, 3line of assurance, 4launch on assessment, 5letter of offer, 6letter of acceptance, 7local ocean area, 8letter of offer and acceptance (DoD), 9letter of authorization, 10letter of assist (United Nations), 11[FM 101-5-1] limit of advance, 12[JP 1-02] LOTS (logistics over- the-shore) operation area, 13[JP 1-02] Lead Operational Authority, 14[AR 310-50] light observation aircraft

LOAC [JP 1-02] law of armed conflict

LOAD 1low altitude defense program, 2letter of offer and acceptance data

LOADS Low Altitude Defense System

LOAL [JP 1-02] lock-on after launch

LOAMP logarithmic amplifier

LOAP 1lightweight directory access protocol, 2list of applicable publications

LOB 1line of bearing, 2line of balance, 3large objects

LOBL [JP 1-02] lock-on before launch

loc 1location, 2[AR 310-50] locality, 3[AR 310-50] locate, 4[AR 310-50] located, 5[AR 310-50] locating

LOC 1line(s) of communication, 2limiting conditions for operation, 3limited operational capability, 4line(s) of code, 5loop on-line control, 6line of contact, 7local operations console, 8localizer (element of ILS), 9Logistics Operations Center (AFLC)

LOC ACC [JP 1-02] location accuracy

loc. cit. loco citato [in the place cited]

LOCAAA low observable close air attack aircraft

LOCAP Low combat air patrol

LOCATE Library of Congress Automation Techniques Exchange

LOCCAP transportation plans LOCs capacities and capabilities (PACOM)

LOCE 1limited operational capability Europe, 2[JP 2-01] Linked Operational Intelligence Centers Europe

LOCI logarithmic computing instrument

LOCIS Library of Congress Information System

LOCPOD low-cost powered dispenser

LOCPORT [AR 310-50] lines of communications ports

LOCREP location report

LOCS 1librascope operations control system, 2logic and control simulator

LOD 1level of detail, 2letter of delegation, 3[FM 101-5-1] line of demarcation, 4[JP 1-02] line of departure

LODE large optics demonstration experiment

LODESMP Logistics Data Element Standardization and Management Process

LODSB load string byte

LODSC logistics operations decision support center

LOE 1letter of evaluation [USAF], 2level of effort, 3limit of exploitation, 4[TP 71-9] limited objective experiment

LOEP [TP 71-9] limited objective experiment plan

LOF 1loss of flow, 2lowest operating frequency, 3list of figures [TEX], 4lift-off, 5limitation of fund, 6line of fire

LOFAAD [AR 310-50] low-altitude forward area air defense

LOFAADS low level forward area air defense system

LOFAR low-frequency acquisition and ranging

LofC lines of communication

log 1logistics, 2logarithm (base 10)

LOG 1logarithm (base 10), 2linear quadratic gaussian control, 3logistics

LOG TEST logistic test

LOG-AID logistic analysis to improve deployability

LOG-C3 logistics command, control, and communications (EDS)

LOG-C3I logistics command, control, communications, and intelligence (AFLC)

LOGAI logical addressing and interoperability

LOGAIS [JP 1-02] logistics automated information system

LOGALGOL Logical Algorithmic Language

LOGAM logistics analysis model

LOGAMP Logistics and Acquisition Management Program (Army)

LOGC logistics center

LOGCAP 1Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, 2Logistics Command assessment of projects

LOGCCIS Logistics Command and Control Information System

LOGCEN United States Army Logistics Center

LOGCOMNET AFLC Teletypewriter Communications System

LOGCON Medical Logistics and Contingency Planning System (USN)

LOGDESMAP 1Logistics Data Element Dictionary (DoD), 2Logistic Data Element Standardization and Management Program

LOGDET 1logistics detachment, 2logistics detail

LOGDIS logistics data integration system

LOGDSS Logistics Decision Support System

LOGEL logic generating language

LOGEN aircraft load generator (MAC)

LOGEX logistic exercise

LOGFAC logistics feasibility analysis capability (COMPES) (USAF)

LOGFACREP logistics factors report (JRS)

LOGFOR Logistics Force Packaging System (COMPES) (USAF)

LOGICA Logistics Operations Graphical Integration Capability Assessment System

LOGIPAC logical processor and computer

LOGIT local interface tester

LOGLAN logical language

LOGMAP 1Logistic Master Plan (NATO-United States), 2[AR 310-50] The Army Logistics System Master Plan

LOGMARS logistics application of automated marking and reading symbology

LOGMDS Logistics Management Data System (COMPES) (USAF)

LOGMIS Logistics Management Information System

LOGMOD logistics module

LOGMOD-B logistics module – base level (COMPES) (USAF)

LOGMOD-M logistics module – major command level (COMPES) (USAF)

LOGNET logistics data network (Army)

LOGNEW logistics network

LOGO 1programming language (see HLL), 2limit of government obligation

LOGOIS [AR 310-50] Logistics Operation Information System

LOGPAC logistics package

LOGPARS Logistic Planning and Requirement System

LOGPLAN 1logistics planning module (COMPRES) (USAF), 2logistics plans generation subsystem, 3[AR 310-50] DoD Logistics Systems Plan

LOGR [AR 310-50] logistical ratio

LOGRAM logistics readiness assessment model

LOGREADI logistics production/maintenance/readiness

LOGREDI logistics readiness (HQ USAF)

LOGREP logistics report (COMUSK)

LOGS [AR 310-50] logistics supportability

LOGSA logistic support activity

LOGSACS Logistics Structure and Composition System

LOGSAFE Logistics Sustainment Analysis and Feasibility Estimator (GCCS)

LOGSTAR logistics status report

LOGSTAT 1logistics status, 2logistics status monitoring subsystem

LOGSUM Logistics Summary Data (USAF)

LOGTAB logical tables

LOGWARS Logistic Wartime Automated Readiness System

LOH light observation helicopter

LOHAP light observation helicopter avionics package

LOI 1letter of instruction, 2loss,of ignition, 3letter of intent, 4[JP 1-02] loss-of-input, 5[AR 310-50] list of items

LOIC Logistics Organization Integration Committee

LOIS Library On-file System

LOL 1loss of learning, 2length of lead [actual]

LOLITA Language for the On-Line Investigation and Transformation of Abstractions

LOLP loss of load probability

LOM 1list of materiel,2locator at the outer marker

LOMAD [AR 310-50] low-to-medium-altitude air defense

LOMEZ low-altitude missile engagement zone

LOMMCA logistics operations manpower and materiel cost analysis

LOMUSS Lockheed Multiprocessor Simulation System

LOMUX low frequency multiplexing

LON letter of notification

LONEX laboratory office network experiment

long longitude

LONG longitude

LONGIN logistics installation file

LONS 1laboratory office network system (AFSC), 2local on-line network system (AFSC)

LOO letter of offer

LOOPE loop while equal

LOOPNE loop while not equal

LOOPNZ loop while not zero

LOOPZ loop while zero

LOP 1line of position, 2lines of position [navigation], 3loss of offsite power, 4low oil pressure, 5limitation of payment, 6[AR 310-50] Logistics Officer Program

LOPAD Logarithmic Outline Processing System for Analog Data

LOPAIR [AR 310-50] long path infrared

LOPAR low power acquisition radar

LOPS [AR 310-50] length of patient stay

LOR 1level of repair, 2letter of request

LOR/A level of repair/analysis

LORA level of repair analysis

LORAD 1long-range active detection, 2[AR 310-50] long-range air defense

loran [AR 310-50] long-range navigation

LORAN long range aid to navigation

LORE line oriented editor

LORI logistics operation readiness inspection

LORIS long-range infrared system

LORO lobe on receive only

LOROP long-range oblique photography

LORPGAC Long Range Proving Ground Automatic Computer

LOS 1line-of-sight, 2loss of signal, 3[AR 310-50] logistic operation-streamline

LOSAT line-of-site antitank

LOSP loss of offsite power

LOSREP loss report (aircraft/aircrew)

LOSS 1landing observer signaling system, 2large object salvage system

LOT 1list of tables [TEX], 2low-observables technology

LOTADS [AR 310-50] long-term worldwide air defense study

LOTEX life-of-type extension

LOTIS Logic, Timing Sequencing [language]

LOTS logistics-over-the-shore [operations]

LOU letter of understanding

LOUIS Logical On-Line User Inquiry System (USAF)

LOW link order wire

LOW-E low elevation

LOX liquid oxygen

LP 1lesson plan, 2limited production, 3listening post, 4line printer, 5low point, 6linear programming, 7low pass, 8low pressure, 9long-play, 10learning prototype,11landing point, 12liquid propellant, 13low power, 14limited procurement, 15local purchase, 16local purchaser, 17[TTPIO-ABCS] laser printer

LP-T [AR 310-50] limited production-test

LP-U limited production-urgent

LP/OP [FM 101-5-1] listening post/observation post (USMC)

LPA 1log periodic array, 2amphibious transport, 3linear power amplifier

LPAR large phased array radar

LPC 1linear predictive coding (speech processing), 2loop-control [relay], 3loop generation cask, 4local procedure call

LPCLK [JP 1-02] loop clock (card)

LPD 1language processing and debugging, 2linear power density, 3log-periodic dipole antennas, 4low power difference, 5low pressure difference, 6low probability of detection, 7amphibious transport dock, 8line printer daemon (protocol) [Berkley], 9landing platform dock, 10[JP 1-02] amphibious transport dock, 11[AR 310-50] low-performance drone

LPE 1loop preparation equipment, 2[AR 310-50] launch preparation equipment

LPEC [AR 310-50] launch preparation equipment compartment

LPES [AR 310-50] launch preparation equipment set

LPG 1liquefied petroleum gas, 2low pressure gas

LPH 1amphibious assault ship (helicopter), 2[JP 1-02] landing platform helicopter

LPI 1low probability of interception, 2lines per inch

LPI/D low probability of intercept/detection

LPI/LPD [JP 1-02] low probability of intercept/low probability of detection

LPI/LPE low probability of interception and exploitation

LPL 1linear programming language, 2list processing language, 3Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3]

LPM 1licensing project manager, 2lines per minute

LPMA loose parts monitor assembly

LPMES Logistics Performance Measurement and Evaluation System

LPN logical page number

LPO 1low power output, 2leading petty officer (USN)

LPP 1learning prototype phase, 2low power physics, 3launch point prediction

LPR 1line printer remote, 2low-cost packet radio, 3[AR 310-50] leadership potential rating, 4[AR 310-50] local payment receipt

LPRINT Lookup Dictionary Print Program

lps [AR 310-50] loops

LPS 1low-power Schottky, 2logistics planning support, 3large processing stations, 4launch processing system (shuttle), 5local processor service

LPSE launch platform support equipment

LPSIS local power safety range monitor

LPSS [USN] amphibious transport submarine

LPST latest possible start time

LPT line printer

LPT1 first parallel printer port

LPT2 second parallel printer port

LPT3 third parallel printer port

LPTA lowest price/technically acceptable

LPTF low power test facility

LPU 1line printer unit, 2local programming unit

LPV [JP 1-02] laser-protective visor

lpW lumen per watt

LPWG logistics planning working group

LPZ low population zone

LQ letter quality

LQG linear-quadratic-Gaussian

LQIP Laboratory Quality Improvement Program

LQM link quality monitoring (protocol)

LQU link quality analysis

LR 1limited recoverable, 2load ratio, 3load-resister [relay], 4long range, 5letter of requirement(s), 6link register, 7launch reliability, 8letter report, 9letter requirement, 10logistics reassignment, 11[AR 310-50] leave rations

LRA 1long-range aircraft, 2long-range aviation, 3local reproduction authorized

LRADP [AR 310-50] long-range active duty program

LRAE long range acquisition estimates

LRAF long-range aviation forces

LRAM 1land restoration and maintenance, 2land rehabilitation and maintenance

LRAMRP Long Range Army Materiel Requirements Plan

LRARP Long Range Army Requirements Plan

LRARFS long-range airlift requirements forecast system

LRAT large radar array technology (RADC)

LRBM long-range ballistic missile

LRC 1learning resource center, 2load ratio control, 3longitudinal redundancy check, 4lesser regional conflict, 5logistics readiness center, 6local register cache, 7lesser regional contingencies, 8long-range cargo, 9longitudinal redundancy character, 10limited regional conflict

LRC-TCC Logistics Readiness Center-Transportation Control Center (USAFE)

LRCA long range combat aircraft [the B-1B]

LRCP long range construction program

LRCS long-range communications system

LRCSS Logistics Resource Control and Support System (MAC)

LRD [JP 1-02] laser range finder-detector

LRDMM long-range dual-mission missile

LRE 1latest revised estimate (contractor estimate), 2launch and recovery (L/R) equipment, 3laser ranger experiment (Army), 4launch and recovery element, 5low risk enhancement

LRECL logical record length

LRF laser range finder

LRFS logistic requirement and funding summary

LRG 1long-range, 2logistics review group (Navy), 3[JP 1-02] long-range aircraft

LRGB long-range glide bomb

LRI 1limited range intercept, 2long-range radar input, 3line replaceable item [same as LRU]

LRIA level removable instrument assembly

LRINF long-range intermediate nuclear forces (Soviet)

LRIP low rate initial production

LRIX long-range interceptor experimental

LRL 1least recently loaded, 2[AR 310-50] Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

LRLS long range line up system

LRM 1line replacement module (term is unique to GRCS-2, called LRU in other systems), 2limited register machine, 3language reference manual, 4low rate multiplexer, 5least recently-used master, 6logistics reassignment monitor

LRMP long-range maritime patrol

LRNOD [AR 310-50] long-range night observation device

LRO 1long-range objectives, 2[AR 310-50] logistics readiness officer

LRP 1logistics recovery program, 2long range path, 3long range plan, 4low rate production, 5[FM 101-5-1] logistics release point, 6[JP 4-01.7] load and roll pallet, 7[AR 310-50] long-range patrol

LRPA long-range patrol aircraft

LRR long-range radar

LRRDA long range research and development acquisition

LRRDAP Long Range Research, Development, and Acquisition Plan [ARMY]

LRRP long-range reconnaissance patrols

LRS 1launch and recovery shelter, 2linguistic research system, 3low resolution scenario, 4[FM 101-5-1] long-range surveillance, 5[JP 1-02] launch and recovery site

LRSD long-range surveillance detachment

LRSM long-range seismograph measurements

LRSOM long-range standoff missile

LRSR long-range storage requirements (PACOM)

LRSS 1long-range survey system, 2Logistics Readiness Simulation System (TAC), 3long-range surveillance system

LRST [JP 3-17] long-range surveillance team

LRSTP 1Long-Range Science and Technology Plan, 2logistical replacement unit

LRSU long-range surveillance unit

LRTF long-range technical forecast

LRTGT [AR 310-50] last-resort target

LRTM long-range training mission

LRTNF long-range theater nuclear forces

LRU 1line replaceable unit, 2less-than-release unit, 3line replacement unit, 4least recently used, 5last recently used

LS 1learning step, 2launch system, 3long shot, 4language specification, 5least significant, 6limit switch, 7[USN] landing ship, 8landing site, 9launch site, 10left side, 11letter signed, 12life system, 13line scanner, 14locus sigilli (place of seal), 15logistics support, 16logistics summary (USAREUR), 17low speed, 18late start, 19[AR 310-50] labor service, 20[AR 310-50] launch station, 21[AR 310-50] lead sheet

LS3 life saving, life sustaining, life supporting

LSA 1logistics support analysis (obsolete), 2LAN system administrator, 3low-cost solar array, 4logistics systems applications, 5limited space [charge] accumulation [microwave diodes], 6low specific gravity, 7LAN and SCSI adapter [IBM], 8line sharing adapter, 9local security authority [Microsoft], 10loss of situation awareness, 11labor surplus area, 12lead standardization activity, 13[JP 1-02] logistic sustainability analysis, 14[AR 310-50] Labor Service Agency

LSA/LSAR logistic support analysis/logistic support analysis report

LSAAP [AR 310-50] Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant

LSAD logistic support analysis documentation

LSAP logistics support analysis plan

LSAPI license services application program interface

LSAR 1logistics support analysis report, 2logistics support analysis record (obsolete)

LSB 1low speed breaker [relay], 2least significant bit, 3lower sideband, 4lower sideband, 5[JP 1-02] landing support battalion

LSBF least square best fit

LSBGA last sortie before ground alert

LSC 1least significant character, 2life support cost, 3load standardization crew, 4logistics support costs, 5logistics support cadre, 6logistics support charge

LSCC line-sequential color composite

LSCD large screen color display

LSCDM [JP 1-02] low speed cable driver modem

LSCP [AR 310-50] low-speed card punch

LSCRC lapheld small computer requirements contract

LSD 1least significant digit, 2low speed data, 3dock landing ship, 4large screen display, 5[FM 101-5-1] least separation distance, 6[AR 310-50] landing ship, dock

LSDS large screen display system

LSE 1longitudinal-section electric, 2life support equipment, 3local security environment, 4logistics support element, 5logistics support expense, 6[JP 1-02] landing signal enlisted

LSEA lifetime support engineering agent

LSER labor standards enforcement report

LSFA [AR 310-50] logistic system feasibility analysis

LSFN [AR 310-50] list of selected file numbers

LSG Logistics Support Group (AFSAC Component in Saudi Arabia)

LSHI large-scale hybrid integration

LSI 1large scale integration (circuit elements), 2[USN] landing ship, infantry

LSI-M-CAPS large scale integrated – mobile CAPS

LSIC large scale integrated circuit

LSL 1link support layer, 2load segment limit, 3lower specification limit

LSM 1logistics support manager, 2linear synchronous motor, 3least square matching, 4[USN] landing ship, medium

LSMI logistics support management information

LSMIS Logistics Support Management Information System

LSMP 1logistics support and mobilization plan, 2Logistics Systems Modernization Program (DLA)

LSMR landing ship, rocket

LSN 1line stabilization network, 2local stock number

LSO 1landing safety officer (USN), 2limited strategic option, 3[JP 1-02] landing signal officer

LSOC [AR 310-50] logistical support operations center

LSP 1low speed printer, 2logistics support plan, 3logistics support priority, 4link state packet, 5[AR 310-50] logistical support plan

LSPC [AR 310-50] logistic system policy committee

LSPD large screen plasma display

LSPES Logistics System Planning and Execution System

LSPP [TTPIO-ABCS] large scale printer plotter

LSPR [JP 1-02] low speed pulse restorer

LSPTP low speed paper tape punch

LSR 1load shifting resistor, 2logistic support review

LSRC logistics system review committee

LSRF logistics support resource funds

LSS 1large Standard Integrated Command Post System [SICPS] shelter, 2logistics support station, 3local subscriber switch, 4life support system, 5logistics support section, 6[AR 310-50] limited storage site, 7[AR 310-50] logistic support system

LSSA logistics system support activity (Army)

LSSC 1Light SEAL Support Craft, 2launch support services contracts

LSSF 1[AR 310-50] land special security force, 2[AR 310-50] limited service storage facility

LSSM local scientific survey module

LSSS 1limiting safety system setting, 2lightweight SHF SATCOM system

LST 1tank landing ship, 2list, 3lightweight satellite terminal,

LSTDM low speed time division multiplex

LSTP logistics system training program

LSTTY low-speed teletypewriter

LSU 1[USN] landing ship, utility, 2[AR 310-50] labor service test

LSV [JP 1-02] logistics support vessel

LSVD large screen visual display

LSVT lead site verification test

LSWD large screen wall display

Lt 1light, 2long ton, 3low temperature, 4low tension, 5[AR 310-50] lieutenant

LT 1language translation, 2line trainer instructor, 3line telecommunications, 4low tension, 5pilot light, 6lieutenant, 7line traffic coordinator, 8link terminal, 9landing time, 10light terminal (satellite ground), 11light transportable, 12line telegraphy, 13line traffic coordinator, 14lead time, 15letter of transmittal, 16[JP 1-02] long ton, 17[JP 1-02] local terminal, 18[JP 1-02] large tug, 19[AR 310-50] landing team, 20[AR 310-50] long tour

LTA lighter than air

LTB line termination buffer

LTBT [AR 310-50] limited test ban treaty

LTC 1line traffic coordinator, 2long time constant, 3lieutenant colonel, 4local training center, 5long term contract, 6long term costing

LTCC loading, training, and captive carry

LTD 1laser target designator, 2live test demonstration, 3language training detachment

LTD/R [JP 1-02] laser target designator/ranger

LTDP 1Long Term Defense Program (NATO), 2long term defense plan

LTDS laser target designation system

LTF Lakeland Training Facility

LTFT long term full time

LTG 1logistic task group, 2[JP 1-02] local timing generator, 3[AR 310-50] lieutenant general

LTHF lighten the heavy force

LTI 1logistic technical information, 2laser thermal imaging [Kodak]

LTJG lieutenant junior grade

LTL 1lot truck load, 2less than truckload lot

LTMS light table mensuration systems

LTO lease to ownership

LTOC lowest total overall cost

LTOE 1living TOE, 2L-series TOE

LTOP 1lease to ownership plan, 2lease to purchase option

LTP 1Library Technology Project, 2Leader Training Program

LTPD lot tolerance percent defective

ltr [AR 310-50] letter

LTR 1left-to-right, 2letter, 3load task register, 4loop transfer recovery

LTS 1long-term stability, 2low frequency transmit subsystem

LTT 1long term training, 2[JP 1-03.17] loss to theater

LTTE link terminal terminating equipment

LTTL low-power transistor-transistor logic

LTU line terminating unit

LTUM line terminating unit module

LTV 1large test vessel, 2long tube vertical

LTWG logistics test working group

LTX lane training exercise

LU 1logical unit, 2link unavailable, 3[FM 101-5-1] Luxembourg

LUA 1logical unit application (interface), 2launch under attack

LUC labor utilization code

LUCID Language for Utility Checkout and Instrumentation Development

LUCKY [JP 3-50.3] evasion and recovery report and authentication data request

LUF lowest usable frequency

LUG local users group

LUHF lowest usable high frequency

LUI local user input

LUIS Library User Information Service

LUME light utilization more efficient

LUMS land use management system (USMC)

LUN logical unit number

LUPS [AR 310-50] logistics unit productivity study

LUT 1limited user test, 2lookup table, 3[JP 1-02] local user terminal

LUTE limited user test and evaluation

lv [AR 310-50] leave

LV 1low voltage, 2logical volume [IBM], 3launch vehicle

LVAD low velocity air drop

LVCD least voltage coincidence detection

LVCM launch vehicle cost model

LVD 1low velocity detonation, 2[AR 310-50] low-velocity drop

LVDE large volume data exchange

LVDT linear variable differential transformer

LVHV low volume high velocity

LVM logical volume management [IBM]

LVOSS Light Vehicle Obstruction Smoke System

LVP low voltage protection

LVPA lease versus purchase analysis

LVS [JP 1-02] Logistics Vehicle System (USMC)

LVT [USN] landing vehicle, tracked

LVTE-l landing vehicle, tracked, engineer, model 1

LVTP [AR 310-50] landing vehicle, track, personnel

LW 1lazy write, 2limited warfare, 3long wave, 4low wing, 5[JP 1-02] leeway

LWA limited work authorization

LWD littoral warfare data

LWDS local weather dissemination systems

LWF lightweight fighter [the program that created the F-16 and F-17]

LWIR long wavelength infrared

LWOP 1lease with option to purchase, 2leave without pay

LWR 1laser warning receiver, 2[JP 3-08] Lutheran World Relief, 3[AR 310-50] level wage rate

LWS laser warning system

LWSD large wall-screen display

LWT amphibious warping tug

LWTB Land Warrior Test Bed

LWU Land Warfare University

lx lux (1 lux = 1 lumen/m2 )

LY [FM 101-5-1] Libya

LYRIC Language for Your Remote Instruction by Computer

LZ landing zone

LZC landing zone construction [dropping blast bombs to clear an area]

LZCO landing zone control officer

LZP landing zone

LZSA [JP 1-02] landing zone support area

LZW Lempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)