Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

J 1jamming, 2job, 3joule, 4aircraft symbol- temporary special test

J&A 1justification and approval, 2justification and authorization

J&TA job and task analysis

J-1 manpower and personnel directorate (joint)

J-2 1intelligence directorate (joint), 2[JP 1-02] Intelligence Directorate, Joint Staff, Defense Intelligence Agency

J-2A [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Administration, Joint Staff

J-2J [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Joint Staff Support, Joint Staff

J-2M [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Crisis Management, Joint Staff

J-2O [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Crisis Operations, Joint Staff

J-2P [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Assessment, Doctrine, Requirements, and Capabilities, Joint Staff

J-2T [JP 2-02] Deputy Directorate for Targeting Support, Joint Staff

J-2T-1 [JP 2-02] Target Operations Division, Joint Staff

J-2T-2 [JP 2-02] Target Plans Division, Joint Staff

J-2X [JP 2-01] joint force J-2 CI/HUMINT staff element

J-3 1Joint Staff Operations, 2operations directorate, (joint)

J-4 logistics directorate (joint)

J-5 strategic plans and policy directorate (joint)

J-54 Military Airlift Command Aeromedical Evacuation System

J-6 command, control, and communications systems directorate (joint)

J-7 joint interoperability

J-8 joint force structure, resources, and assessment directorate

J-BPDS Joint Service Biological Point Detection System

J-CAT [JP 1-02] joint crisis action team

J-MASS Joint Modeling and Simulation System

J-SAK joint attack of the second echelon

J-SEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

J-SIIDS Joint Service Interior Intrusion Detection System

J-STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

J-TENS Joint Tactical Exploitation of National Systems

J/G joules/gram

J/S jamming-to-signal ratio

J1 1joint personnel office(r), 2[AR 310-50] personnel directorate

J2 joint intelligence office(r)

J3 1joint operations office(r), 2[AR 310-50] operations directorate

J4 1joint logistics office(r), 2[TRADOC] Logistics Directorate, 3[TP 71-9] Logistics Directorate, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4[AR 310-50] logistics directorate

J5 1joint plans and policy office(r), 2[AR 310-50] plans and policy directorate

J6 1joint communications-electronics office(r), 2Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems, Joint Staff, 3[TP 71-9] Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Directorate, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4[AR 310-50] communications-electronics directorate

J6I 1J6, Architecture and Integration Division, 2Joint Requirements Oversight Council/Joint Staff

J7 JCS, Director for Operational Plans and Interoperability

JA 1job aid, 2judge advocate, 3jump address, 4jump if above, 5[FM 101-5-1] Japan

JA/ATT joint airborne/air transportability training

JAA joint airworthiness authorities

JAAD justification, approval, and acquisition documentation

JAAP 1joint airborne advance party, 2[AR 310-50] Joliet Army Ammunition Plant

JAAR [CJCSI 3500.02A] joint after-action report

JAARS [JP 1-02] Joint After-Action Reporting System

JAAT joint air attack team

JAB joint advisory board

JAC 1joint analysis center, 2joint analytical center

JACC 1joint airborne command center, 2joint airborne communications center

JACC/CP joint airborne command center/command post (JACKPOT)

JACG joint aeronautical commander group

JACG-IPT joint aeronautical commander group integrated product team

JACKPOT nickname for joint airborne command center/command post

JACO [AR 310-50] Joint Actions Control Office

JAD 1joint application design, 2Joint Analyses Directorate (JCS)

JADB [AR 310-50] Joint Air Defense Board

JADO joint air defense operations

JADOC [AR 310-50] Joint Air Defense Operations Center

JADREP 1joint resource assessment damage report, 2[JP 1-02] Joint Resource Assessment Database Report

JADS joint advanced distributed simulation

JAE jump if above or equal

jaff electronic and chaff jamming

JAG 1Judge Advocate General, 2Joint Analyses Group (TACS/TADS)

JAGC Judge Advocate General’s Corps

JAI joint administrative instruction

JAIC [JP 1-02] joint air intelligence center

JAIEG Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group

JAISPAC Joint Area Information System Pacific

JAMAC 1Joint Aeronautical Materiel Activity, 2[AR 310-50] Joint Aeronautical Materials Agency

JAMB [AR 310-50] Joint Air Movements Board

JAMC 1Joint Amphibious Mine Clearance System, 2joint amphibious mine countermeasures

JAMCAT jammer communications attachment

JAMES Joint Automated Message Editing Software

JAMPACK jamming package

JAMPO [AR 310-50] Joint Allied Military Petroleum Office (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

JAMPS JINTACCS Automated Message Preparation System

JAMREP jamming report

JAMS Joint Acquisition Management System

JAN joint Army-Navy [specification]

JANAF [AR 310-50] Joint Army-Navy-Air Force

JANAIR joint Army-Navy instrumentation research

JANAP joint Army-Navy-Air Force publication(s)

JANAST [AR 310-50] joint Army-Navy-Air Force sea transportation message

JANET Joint Academic Network

JANNAF joint Army, Navy, NASA, and Air Force

JANUS Force Model (Livermore Labs)

JAO joint area of operations

JAOC [JP 1-02] joint air operations center

JAPO 1joint area petroleum officer, 2[JP 1-02] joint area petroleum office

JAPSS Joint Automated Planning Support System

JAR 1Java archive, 2joint airworthiness requirements

JARP joint analysis review panel

JASA joint accreditation support activity

JASAP Julie Automatic Search and Attack Plotter

JASC joint actions steering committee

JASORS Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System

JASS JUMPS Automated Supplemental System (Army)

JAST joint advanced strike technology


JATCC [AR 310-50] Joint Air Traffic Control Center

JATCCCS Joint Advanced Tactical C3 System

JATF joint amphibious task force

JATO [AR 310-50] jet assisted takeoff

JATP [AR 310-50] joint air transportation plan

JATS 1jamming analysis and transmission selection, 2[AR 310-50] Joint Air Transportation Service

JAWPS [AR 310-50] Joint Atomic Weapons Publications System

JAWS 1Joint Air Force Systems Command War Game System, 2jamming and warning system, 3joint attack weapon systems, 4joint advanced weapon systems

JB Jet powered bomb

JBDAAFES [AR 310-50] Joint Board of Directors, Army - Air Force Exchange Service

JBE jump if below or equal

JBMTO [AR 310-50] Joint Bus Military Traffic Office

JBP [JP 1-02] Joint Blood Program

JBPO [JP 1-02] Joint Blood Program Office

JBUSDC [AR 310-50] Joint Brazil - United States Military Commission

JC jump if carry set

JC2WC [JP 3-13.1] Joint Command and Control Warfare Center

JC3CM joint command, control and communications countermeasures

JC3SOC Joint C3 Staff and Operations Course (AFSC)

JCA jamming control authority

JCAAD joint counter air/air defense

JCADIS [AR 310-50] Joint Continental Aerospace Defense Integration Staff

JCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

JCALS joint computer-aided acquisition and logistic support [system]

JCASREP [JP 1-03.17] joint casualty report

JCAT [JP 1-02] joint crisis action team

JCATF [FM 101-5-1] joint civil affairs task force

JCC 1joint coordination center, 2Java Competence Center [Sun, ZGDV]

JCC(E) Joint Coordination Center (Europe)

JCCC 1joint combat camera center, 2[JP 1-02] joint communications control center

JCCB joint configuration control board

JCCEP Joint Crisis Communications Exercise Program

JCCG joint/combined coordinating group

JCCP [JP 1-02] joint casualty collection point

JCCRG [AR 310-50] Joint Command and Control Requirements Group

JCCRS joint contingency construction requirements system

JCCSA Joint Communication Contingency Station Assets (United States)

JCDSIPS [AR 310-50] Joint Continental defense Systems Integration Planning Group

JCEE Joint Council on Economic Education

JCEOI [JP 1-02] joint communications-electronics operating instructions

JCET 1[JP 3-07.4] joint combined exercise for training, 2Joint Council on Educational Television

JCEWS 1Joint Command, Control, and Electronic Warfare School, 2joint commanders electronic warfare staff

JCF joint communications facility

JCGRO [JP 1-02] joint central graves registration office

JCI [AR 310-50] joint communications instruction

JCIC joint compliance and inspection committee

JCIDO Joint Combat Identification office

JCIOC joint counterintelligence operations center

JCIP joint/combined interface procedure

JCIS Joint Command Information Systems (Korea)

JCISB [JP 2-01.2] Joint Counterintelligence Support Branch

JCL 1[IBM’s] Job Control Language, 2joint logistics commanders

JCLIC Joint Center For Low-Intensity Conflict

JCLL Joint Center for Lessons Learned

JCLO joint communication leasing office

JCM joint countermine

JCMA [JP 3-13.1] Joint COMSEC (communications security) Monitor Activity

JCMC joint crisis management capability

JCMEB [JP 1-02] Joint Civil-Military Engineering Board

JCMEC Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center

JCMOTF [JP 3-57] joint civil-military operations task force

JCMPO Joint Cruise Missile Project Office

JCMT Joint Collection Management Tools

JCN 1job control number, 2[JP 1-02] joint communications network

JCO joint certification office

JCOC 1joint combined operations center, 2[AR 310-50] joint civilian orientation conference

JCOP JCS Concept and Objectives Paper

JCORE joint service cost oriented resource estimating

JCOS 1joint countermine operational simulation, 2joint countermine operational system

JCP joint committee on printing

JCPES joint contingency planning and execution support

JCPMS Joint Communications Planning and Management System

JCPX [AR 310-50] joint command post exercise

JCR joint casualty resolution

JCRLCMP Joint Computer Resource Life Cycle Management Program

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCS/SI Joint Chiefs of Staff/special instruction

JCS-ACA Joint Chiefs of Staff Automatic Conference Arranger

JCSAN Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network (voice)

JCSAR [JP 3-05] joint combat search and rescue

JCSC [JP 1-02] Joint Communications Satellite Center

JCSE Joint Communications Support Element (MacDill AFB)

JCSEA Joint Chiefs of Staff emergency actions

JCSIDBAD [AR 310-50] Joint Chiefs of Staff identification badge

JCSM Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum

JCSMC Joint Chiefs of Staff Message Center

JCSP Joint Chiefs of Staff publication

JCSS joint communications support squadron

JCTEA joint cost and training effectiveness analysis

JCW joint and combined warfare

JD 1Justice Department, 2[AR 310-50] Julian date

JDA 1joint deployment agency, 2joint duty assignment, 3Japanese Defense Agency

JDAL joint duty assignment list

JDAM joint direct attack munitions

JDAMIS [CJCSI 1331.01] Joint Duty Assignment Management System

JDB Java debugger

JDBC Java database connectivity

JDC 1joint deployment community, 2[JP 1-02] Joint Doctrine Center

JDCU jamming detection control unit

JDD 1job data documentation, 2[JP 1-02] joint doctrine division

JDEC Joint Documents Exploitation Center

JDEL Joint Doctrine Electronic Library

JDIG [JP 3-07.4] Joint Drug Intelligence Group

JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (GCCS)

JDK Java Development Kit [Sun/JavaSoft]

JDMAG Joint Depot Maintenance Analysis Group

JDMC JOPES Development Management Center

JDP 1joint development project, 2joint departmental publication

JDS 1Joint Deployment System, 2job data sheet

JDSIP Joint Deployment System Interface Processor (JDA)

JDSIR Joint Deployment System incident reporting (REDCOM/JDA)

JDSQP Joint Deployment System Query Processor (JDA)

JDSS [JP 1-02] Joint Decision Support System

JDSSC Joint Data Systems Support Center (DCA) (formerly CCTC)

JDSUP Joint Deployment System Update Processor (JDA)

JDT joint development team

JDWP joint doctrine working party

JE 1jump if equal, 2job enrichment

JEA Joint Endeavor Agreement (NASA)

JECEWSI Joint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulator

JECG joint exercise control group

JED joint exercise division (J-3)

JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council

JEDMICS 1joint engineering data management information and control system, 2joint engineering drawing management information and control system

JEDNUCS joint engineering data management information and control system

JEEP joint emergency evacuation plan

JEIDA Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association

JEIM jet engine intermediate maintenance

JEIO Joint Effectiveness and Interoperability Office

JEL [JP 1-02] Joint Electronic Library

JEM Joint Exercise Manual (JCS)

JEMIC jet engine mishap investigation course

JEMP [JP 1-02] joint exercise management package

JEOCN [AR 310-50] Joint European Operational Communications Network

JEOF joint exercise observation file (USREDCOM)

JEPES [JP 1-02] Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System

JER joint ethics regulation

JES job entry system

JESS 1Joint Exercise Support System, 2Joint Engagement Simulation System

JET JDS evaluation team

JETD [JP 1-02] Joint Exercise and Training Division, Joint Staff (J-7)

JETDS Joint Electronics Type Designation System

JETEC joint expendable turbine engine concept

JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center

JEWOC Joint Electronic Warfare Orientation Course

JEWSOC Joint Electronic Warfare Staff Officer Course (AFSC)

JEZ joint engagement zone

JFACC joint force air component commander

JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation (GCCS)

JFC joint force commander

JFCC 1joint force fires coordinator, 2Joint Frequency Coordination Committee

JFDP joint force development process

JFE [JP 3-09] joint fires element

JFET junction field effect transistor

JFFSC joint force fire support coordinator

JFIDS J-5 Force Structure Information Display System

JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format

JFIP [JP 1-02] Japanese Facilities Improvement Project

JFKSWCS JFK Special Warfare Center and School

JFL joint frequency list

JFLCC joint force land component commander

JFM joint force memorandum

JFMCC joint force maritime component commander

JFMIP Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

JFMSES Joint Frequency Management and Spectrum Engineering System (PACOM)

JFP Joint Frequency Panel (USMCEP)

JFR joint functional requirement

JFRC Joint Functional Requirement Council

JFRDT joint functional requirement determination team

JFS 1Journaled File System [IBM], 2joint feasibility study, 3[JP 4-02] joint force surgeon

JFSOCC joint forces special operations component commander

JFT joint functional team

JFTDS joint electronic type designation systems

JFTR [JP 1-02] Joint Federal Travel Regulations

JFTX [AR 310-50] joint field training exercise

JFUB [JP 1-02] Joint Facilities Utilization Board

JG 1jump if greater, 2job guide

JG-AI joint group on acquisition initiatives

JG-APP joint group on acquisition pollution prevention

JGD JOPES Global Dictionary

JGE jump if greater or equal

JGSDF [AR 310-50] Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces

JGSE joint group on system engineering

JHG joule heat gradient

JHMCS joint helmet mounted cueing system

JHSU joint helicopter support unit

JI [JP 3-17] joint inspection

JIATF [JP 3-08] joint interagency task force (DOD)

JIATF-E [JP 3-07.4] Joint Interagency Task Force - East

JIATF-S [JP 3-07.4] Joint Interagency Task Force - South

JIATF-W [JP 3-07.4] Joint Interagency Task Force - West

JIB 1joint intelligence bureau, 2joint information bureau

JIC 1joint intelligence center, 2joint information center, 3joint intelligence curriculum, 4joint intelligence committee, 5just in case

JICA [AR 310-50] Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency

JICC [JP 3-07.4] joint information coordination center

JICPAC [JP 3-07.4] Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific

JICS [AR 310-50] Joint Intelligence Coordination Staff, CIA

JIDC [JP 2-01] Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center

JIEO 1Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] Joint Interoperability Evaluation Organization

JIEP joint intelligence estimate for planning

JIES Joint Interoperability Evaluation System (JTC3A)

JIF joint interrogation facility

JIFDATS [AR 310-50] Joint Services Inflight Data Transmission System

JIFTS Joint In-flight Transmission Service

JILE [JP 1-02] Joint Intelligence Liaison Element (CIA)

JILO [AR 310-50] Joint Information Liaison Office

JILSMT joint integrated logistic support management team

JILSP joint integrated logistic support plan

JIMA Joint Deployment System Interface Method of Access (JDA)

JIMPP [JP 1-02] Joint Industrial Mobilization Planning Process

JIMS [CJCSI 3410.01] Joint Information Management System

JINTACCS joint interoperability of tactical command and control systems

JIO [AR 310-50] joint information officer

JIOP [JP 1-02] joint interface operational procedures

JIOP-MTF [JP 1-02] joint interface operating procedures-message text formats

JIP 1joint input processing, 2Joint Identifier Program (JCS), 3joint interface program

JIPB [JP 2-01] joint intelligence preparation of the battlespace

JIPC Joint Imagery Production Complex

JIPD JINTACCS interoperability planning document

JIPG joint interoperability planners group

JIPS JANET Internet Protocol Service

JIPTL [JP 3-56.1] joint integrated prioritized target list

JIR 1JOPES information requirements, 2joint intelligence room

JIRONET Joint Intelligence Research Office Network

JIS 1joint interoperability system, 2JOPS Interim System

JISE [JP 3-13.1] joint intelligence support element

JISR joint information search and retrieval (JCS)

JIT just-in-time

JITC 1Joint Interoperability Test Center, Fort Huachuca, 2[DoD/DSMC] Joint Interoperability Test Command

JITF 1joint interface test force, 2Joint Intelligence Test Facility

JITS 1joint interface test system, 2just-in-time system

JIVA Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture

JIWG joint industry working group

JKMS Joint Key Management System

JL 1jump if less, 2joint logistics

JL ACTD joint logistics advanced concept technology demonstration

JLA justice liaison auditor

JLC joint logistics commander

JLC-CRM joint logistic commanders' computer resource management group

JLCC [JP 4-01.6] joint lighterage control center

JLE jump if less than or equal to

JLF joint live fire

JLNCHREP [JP 3-50.2] joint launch report

JLOTS joint logistics over-the-shore

JLRB [AR 310-50] Joint Logistics Review Board

JLREID joint long-range estimative intelligence document

JLRSA 1joint long-range strategic assessment, 2[JP 1-02] Joint Long-Range Strategic Appraisal

JLRSE [AR 310-50] Joint Long Range Strategic Study

JLRSS Joint Long-Range Strategic Study

JLSC 1joint logistic service committee, 2joint logistic system center

JLSP joint logistics support plan

JM joint mission

JM&S [CJCSI 8510.01] joint modeling and simulation

JMA 1joint mission application (WIS), 2joint mobilization augmentation, 3joint mission area

JMAARS [CJCSI 3500.02A] Joint Model After-Action Review System

JMAO [JP 1-02] joint mortuary affairs office or officer

JMAPI Java Management Application Program Interface

JMAS 1joint mission application software, 2[JP 1-02] Joint Manpower Automation System

JMAT [JP 4-01.6] joint mobility assistance team

JMC 1joint movement center, 2joint maritime course, 3[JP 1-02] joint military command

JMCC joint movement control center

JMCIS 1Joint Maritime Command Information System (GCCS), 2Joint Maritime Combat Information System

JMCOL [AR 310-50] Jumps (Joint Uniform Military Pay System) monthly complete output listing

JMCOMS [JP 6-02] Joint Maritime Communications System

JMD JOPES Management Division (JCS/J-3)

JMDC joint message distribution center

JMDS Joint Manpower Data System (JCS)

JMED 1jungle message encoder-decoder, 2[JP 1-02] Joint military Education Division, Joint Staff (J-7)

JMEC Joint Materiel Exploitation Center

JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual

JMEM-SO Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual-Special Operations (publication)

JMENS joint mission element need statement

JMET [JP 1-02] joint mission essential task

JMETL [JP 1-02] Joint Mission Essential Task List

JMFU joint force meteorological and oceanographic forecast unit

JMH joint mission hardware (WIS)

JMHC joint mission hardware contractor (WIS)

JMICS [JP 2-01] JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System

JMIE [JP 3-07.4] Jo int Maritime Information Element

JMIE/JEM Joint Maritime Information Element Support System

JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program

JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center

JML job standard master listing

JMMC Joint Military Medical Command

JMNA joint military net assessment (JCS/OSD)

JMO 1joint force meteorological and oceanographic officer, 2joint maritime operations

JMO(AIR) [JP 1-02] joint maritime operations (air)

JMOA joint memorandum of agreement

JMP 1jump, 2job monitor protocol [covalent protocol], 3joint manpower program, 4joint mission processor (WIS)

JMPA 1[JP 1-02] Joint Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Panel Administrator, 2[JP 1-0] joint military postal activity

JMPAB Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board (JCS)

JMPE 1joint mission processing environment (WIS), 2joint mission processing equipment (WIS)

JMPO 1Joint MILSTAR Program Office, 2Joint Medical Regulating Office

JMPTC Joint Military Packaging Training Center

JMRC [JP 1-02] joint mobile relay center

JMRO [JP 1-02] Joint Medical Regulating Office

JMRR [CJCSI 3401.01] Joint Monthly Readiness Review

JMS joint mission software (WIS)

JMSEP [CJCSI 8510.01] Joint Modeling and Simulation Executive Panel

JMSNS justification for major system new start

JMSW joint mission software subsystem (WIS)

JMSWG 1Joint Message Standard Working Group (JTIDS), 2[JP 1-02] Joint Multi-Tactical Digital Information Link (Multi-TADIL) Standards Working Group

JMTB [AR 310-50] Joint Military Transportation Board

JMTC Joint Military Technology Commission

JMTCA joint munitions transportation coordination activity

JMTG [JP 1-02] Joint Military Terminology Group

JMTK Joint Mapping Toolkit

JMTSS Joint Multi-Channel Trunking and Switching System

JMUA [CJCSI 1120.01] Joint Meritorious Unit Award

JMUSDC [AR 310-50] Joint Mexican - United States Defense Commission

JMVA Joint Meritorious Unit Award

JN [AR 310-50] jet navigation

JNA jump if not above

JNACC Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center

JNAE jump if not above or equal

JNB jump if not below

JNBE jump if not below or equal

JNG jump if not greater

JNGE jump if not greater or equal

JNLE jump if not less or equal

JNO jump if no overflow

JNOCC [JP 1-02] JOPES (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System) Network Operation Control Center

JNP jump if no parity

JNPE [CJCSI 3410.01] Joint Nuclear Planning Element

JNS jump if no sign

JNWPS Joint Nuclear Weapon Publication System

JNZ jump if not zero

JO 1job order, 2junior officer, 3[FM 101-5-1] Jordan

JOA 1Joint Operating Agency, 2joint operations area, 3joint operating agreement, 4[DoD/DSMC] joint operational architecture

JOB joint oversight board

JOC 1joint operational community, 2joint operations center, 3job order contract, 4[JP 1-02] Joint Oversight Committee

JOCAR joint communications allocation requirement

JOCAS Job Order Cost Accounting System

JOCC [JP 3-07.4] joint operations command center

JOCF joint operations capability file

JOCOMEX joint communication exercise

JOCOTAS Joint Committee on Tactical Shelter

JOCS joint operational climatological support

JOD 1joint operations division, 2journal of development, 3[AR 310-50] joint occupancy date

JOE Java objects everywhere

JOEG [AR 310-50] joint operations evaluation group

JOG joint operations graphics

JOGS [JP 1-02] Joint Operation Graphics System

JOIN Joint Optical Information Network

JOINT STARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System

JOISTS Joint Operational Interface Simulation Training System

JOL Joint Operations Laboratory

JON job order number

JOOD junior officer of the deck (USN)

JOOW junior officer of the watch (USN)

JOP joint operating procedure

JOPREP Joint Operational Reporting System (JCS)

JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System

JOPES ROLSTK JOPES-rolling stock summary report

JOPESIR [JP 1-02] Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Incident Reporting System

JOPESREP [JP 1-02] Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Reporting System

JOPS Joint Operation Planning System

JOPS III Joint Operations Planning Software Support System

JOPS ROLSTK JOPS rolling stock summary report (MAC)

JOPSREP JOPS Reporting System (JRS)

JOPSRSS JOPS rolling stock sum system (USAF)

JOR joint operational requirement

JORAC Joint Operations Radar Airspace Control (Muenster, GE)

JOSDEPS Joint Strategic Defense Concept Plan

JOSPRO [AR 310-50] joint overseas shipping procedure

JOSS 1joint overseas switchboard switch, 2[AR 310-50] Joint Overseas Switching System

JOT&E joint operational test and evaluation

JOTC [AR 310-50] Jungle Operations Training Center

JOTS 1joint operational tactical system, 2joint operational telephone system

JOVIAL Jules’ Own Version of the International Algebraic Language (computer language)

JP 1joint publication, 2jet propulsion [used to designate different grades of jet fuel], 3[AR 310-50] jet pilot

JP COMNET Joint Pacific Command Teletype Network

JP VOICE Joint Pacific Command Control Voice Network

JP-4 jet fuel (used mostly for USAF aircraft)

JP-5 jet fuel (Navy aircraft)

JP2AB Joint Pollution Prevention Advisory Board

JPA 1job performance aid, 2joint participation agreement, 3[AR 310-50] Japan Procurement Agency

JPAM joint program assessment memorandum

JPAO joint public affairs office

JPAPS Job Performance Aids Production System

JPAR joint potential assessment report

JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Trainer System [a basic trainer to replace the T-37 and T-34C]

JPB 1joint planning board, 2[JP 1-02] Joint Blood Program, 3[AR 310-50] Joint Procurement Board

JPCC Joint Propulsion Coordinating Committee

JPCG joint policy coordinated group

JPD 1joint program directive, 2joint potential designator, 3joint planning document

JPDS Joint Petroleum (POL) Data System (JCS)

JPE jump if parity even

JPEC 1Joint Planning and Execution Course, 2JOPES Planning and Execution Committee, 3[JP 1-02] Joint Planning and Execution Community

JPEDB Joint Planning and Execution Database

JPEG 1Joint Photographic Experts Group, 2joint planning and execution graphics

JPERSTAT [JP 1-02] joint personnel status and casualty report

JPESC joint planning and execution steering committee

JPG 1JOPES Project Group, 2[JP 3-13] joint planning group, 3[AR 310-50] Jefferson Proving Ground

JPGM joint planning graphics module

JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory [Cal Tech]

JPM 1job performance measure, 2joint program manager, 3joint program management

JPME joint professional military education

JPMO 1joint program management office, 2joint project management office, 3joint product management office

JPMR [AR 310-50] joint projected manpower requirements

JPMRC [JP 4-02.2] Joint Patient Movement Requirements Center

JPMT [JP 4-02.2] joint patient movement team

JPO 1joint program office, 2jump if parity odd, 3joint program officer, 4joint project office, 5[JP 1-02] Joint Petroleum Office

JPO-BD Joint Project Office for Biological Defense

JPO-STC [JP 3-13] Joint Program Office for Special Technology Countermeasures

JPO-UAV Joint Program Office for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

JPOC 1Joint Project Optic Cobra, 2joint planning orientation course

JPOTF [FM 101-5-1] joint psychological operations task force

JPOTG [JP 1-02] joint psychological operations task group

JPP joint planning process

JPPSOWA [AR 310-50] Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, Washington, DC

JPRC [JP 5-00.2] joint personnel reception center

JPS joint precision strikes

JPSD joint precision strike demonstration

JPT jetpipe temperature

JPTM joint procedures training manual

JPTTA [JP 1-0] joint personnel training and tracking activities

JPWG joint projects working group

JQS job qualification standard

JR 1joint review, 2job routed

JRA joint rear area

JRAC joint rear area coordinator

JRACO [JP 1-02] joint rear area communications officer

JRADS Joint Resource Assessment Database System (JCS)

JRATA joint research and test activity

JRB 1[DoD/DSMC] JROC (Joint Requirements Oversight Council) Review Board, 2[AR 310-50] Joint Reconnaissance Board

JRC 1joint reconnaissance center, 2joint reporting center, 3[FM 101-5-1] joint reception center

JRCC 1Joint Rescue Coordination Center, 2[JP 1-02] joint reception coordination center

JRD justification review document

JRDOD Joint Research and Development Objectives Document

JRE/JRX joint readiness exercise

JRFL [JP 1-02] joint restricted frequency list

JRIM Joint Requirements Integration Manager (JCS)

JRMB 1Joint Requirements and Management Board, 2joint review management board

JRMET joint reliability and maintainability evaluation team

JRMTO [AR 310-50] Joint Rail Military Traffic Office

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JROD jet remote opening device

JROTC [TR 350-70] Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

JROTCM [TR 350-70] Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Manual

JRPA joint readiness, planning, and assessment

JRS Joint Reporting Structure (JCS Pub 6)

JRSC 1jam-resistant secure communications, 2[JP 1-02] joint rescue sub-center

JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center [TRADOC]

JRTOC joint rear tactical operations center

JRWG joint requirement working group

JRX joint readiness exercise

JS 1jamming schedule, 2jam strobe, 3jump if sign, 4joint staff

JSA job safety analysis

JSAM 1joint security assistance memorandum, 2[JP 1-0] Joint Service Achievement Medal

JSAN [CJCSI 3410.01] Joint Staff Automation for the Nineties

JSAP joint security assistance planning

JSARC [AR 310-50] Joint Search and Rescue Center

JSAT 1joint system acceptance test, 2Joint Security Assistance Training (regulation)

JSC 1Johnson Space Center (NASA), 2joint steering committee, 3joint spectrum center

JSCAT [JP 1-02] Joint Staff Crisis Action Team

JSCC [JP 1-02] Joint Services Coordination Committee

JSCE joint services communications element

JSCM [JP 1-0] Joint Service Commendation Medal

JSCMAD Joint Service Chemical Miniature Agent Detector

JSCO [AR 310-50] Joint Staff Commutations Office

JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan

JSCS joint strategic connectivity staff

JSD job status document

JSDOP Joint Strategic Defense Operations Plan

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSE JOPES support element

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSEP Job Skills Education Program (Army)

JSF joint strike fighter

JSFWC joint staff future warfighting capability

JSIC Joint Space Command Intelligence Center

JSIIDS Joint Services Interior Intrusion Detection System

JSIMS 1joint simulation system, 2[TR 350-70] joint simulations

JSIPS 1Joint Surveillance Imagery Processing System, 2joint strategic integration planning staff

JSIPS N Joint Services Imagery Processing System Navy

JSIR [JP 3-13.1] joint spectrum interference resolution

JSISC [CJCSM 5720.01] Joint Staff Information Service Center

JSIT JDS information trace

JSLC Joint Logistic System Center

JSLIST Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology

JSMB 1Joint Surface Movements Board, 2Joint Space Management Board, 2[AR 310-50] Joint Sealift Movements Board

JSMS [JP 3-13.1] Joint Spectrum Management System

JSNPE Joint Strategic Nuclear Planning Element

JSO 1joint specialty officer, 2joint specialist, 3[AR 310-50] joint service office

JSOA 1joint special operations area, 2Joint Special Operations Agency (JCS)

JSOACC joint special operations air component commander

JSOC 1joint special operations command, 2joint special operations commander

JSOF joint special operations force

JSOFI [CJCSI 3500.02A] Joint Special Operations Forces Institute

JSOLE [FM 101-5-1] joint special operations liaison element

JSOP Joint Strategic Objective Plan (replaced by JSPD)

JSOR 1joint service operational requirement, 2joint statement of requirement

JSORD joint systems operational requirements document

JSOSE Joint Special Operations Support Element (USREDCOM)

JSOTF joint special operations task force

JSOW Joint Service Stand-Off Weapon [formerly AIWS]

JSOW UV Joint Service Standoff Weapon System Unitary Variant

JSP 1joint support plan, 2joint services program

JSPD joint strategic planning document

JSPDSA joint strategic planning document supporting analyses

JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System

JSR 1jammer saturation range, 2joint strategy review, 3[DoD/DSMC] joint strategy review (JCS)

JSRC 1Joint Services Review Committee, 2[JP 3-50.2] joint search and rescue center

JSRCFB Joint Service Reserve Component Facilities Board

JSRIM joint service requirement for insensitive munitions

JSRR jamming to signal ratio required

JSS 1Java-script style sheet, 2joint surveillance system, 3joint signal staff

JSSA [JP 3-50.2] Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Agency

JSSAP Joint Service Small Arms Program (Army)

JSSC [AR 310-50] Joint Strategic Survey Committee

JSSEE joint service software engineering environment

JSSIS Joint Staff Support Information System (JCS)

JSST [JP 2-01] Joint Space Support Team

JST 1job site training, 2job standard

JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System

JSTARS RGS JSTARS Radar Ground Station Module

JSTE [CJCSI 3500.02A] joint system training exercise

JSTMP joint system training management plan (obsolete, now joint training development plan (JTDP))

JSTP 1joint system test program, 2Joint Strike Technology Program

JSTPS joint strategic target planning staff

JSTRC Joint Services Telecommunications Requirements Contract

JT&E joint test and evaluation

JTA 1joint table of allowance, 2job and task analysis, 3joint technical architecture

JTA-A [TR 350-70] Joint Technical Architecture - Army

JTA-Army [TP71-9] Joint Technical Architecture - Army

JTACMS Joint Tactical Cruise Missile System (USAF/Army)

JTAGG joint turbine advanced gas generator

JTAGS Joint Tactical Ground Station

JTAO joint tactical air operations

JTAO OPDAT [JP 1-02] joint tactical air operations data

JTAR [JP 3-09.3] joint tactical air strike request

JTAWG joint technical architecture working group

JTB 1Joint Transportation Board (JCS), 2joint targeting board

JTC1 joint technical committee

JTC2 joint tactical command and control

JTC3-CDBS Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications – Central Database System

JTC3A Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency (obsolete, now JIEO)

JTCB joint targeting coordination board

JTCCG [AR 310-50] joint technical configuration control group

JTCG joint technical coordinating group

JTCG-CMT Joint Technical Coordination Group for Calibration and Measurement Technology

JTCG-ME Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness

JTCG/AS Joint Technical Coordinating Group For Aircraft Survivability

JTCG/EW 1Joint Technical Coordinating Group For Electronic Warfare, 2Joint Technical Coordinating Group/Munitions Effectiveness

JTCG/ME Joint Technical Coordination Group for Munitions Effectiveness

JTCO joint tactical communications office

JTD 1joint table(s) of distribution (manning/staffing document), 2joint test director, 3joint technology demonstration

JTDE joint technology demonstrator engine

JTDLMP joint tactical data link management plan

JTDP joint training development plan (replaces JSTMP)

JTE 1joint test element, 2joint test and evaluation

JTENS Joint Tactical Exploitation of National Systems

JTEP Joint Technology Exchange Program

JTF 1joint task force, 2joint tactical fusion, 3joint test forces

JTF HQ [JP 1-02] joint task force headquarters

JTF-6 [JP 3-07.4] Joint Task Force-6

JTF-7 Joint Task Force 7 Automation Support (USREDCOM)

JTF-B [JP 3-07.4] Joint Task Force-Bravo

JTF/LOCE Joint Tactical Division/Limited Operational Capability Europe

JTFC joint task force commander

JTFCEM [JP 4-04] joint task force contingency engineering management

JTFEX joint task force exercise

JTFP Joint Tactical Fusion Program

JTFREP [AR 310-50] joint task force reports

JTG [AR 310-50] joint task force

JTI job task inventory

JTIC [JP 1-02] joint transportation intelligence center

JTIDS 1Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, 2[UK/United States] Joint Tactical Integrated Display System

JTL joint target list

JTLS 1joint theater level simulator, 2[CJCSI 3500.02A] joint theater-level simulation

JTM 1job transfer and management, 2joint technical manual, 3[CJCSI 3500.02A] Joint training manual

JTMD 1joint theater missile defense, 2[JP 1-02] joint table of mobilization distribution, 3[JP 1-02] Joint Terminology Master Database

JTMLS Joint Tactical Microwave Landing System

JTMMR joint tactical multi-mode radio

JTMP [CJCSI 3500.02A] joint training master plan

JTMS 1Joint Technical Manual System, 2[CJCSI 3500.02A] joint training master schedule

JTN Joint Targeting Network

JTOC Joint Target Oversight Council

JTR Joint Travel Regulation

JTRB Joint Telecommunications Resource Board

JTS joint training squadron

JTSC Joint Transportation System Command

JTSG joint targeting steering group

JTSH Joint Threat Simulator Handbook

JTSSCCB [CJCSI 5122.01] Joint Tactical Switched Systems Configuration Control Board

JTSST [CJCSI 3500.02A] joint training system support team

JTT [JP 5-00.2] joint training team

JTTP joint tactics, techniques, and procedures

JTU [JP 1-02] Japan telephone upgrade

JTUAV Joint Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

JTX [AR 310-50] joint training exercise

JUA joint usage agreement

JUD jam until destroyed

JUF joint users file

JUG 1Java user group, 2JOPES Users Group

JUGHEAD Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display [Internet]

JUH-MTF Joint User Handbook for Message Text Formats

JUIC [JP 1-02] joint unit identification code

JULL [JP 1-02] Joint Universal Lessons Learned (Report)

JULLS Joint Universal Lessons Learned System

JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System (DoD)

JUSMAG joint United States military advisory group

JUSMAGG [AR 310-50] Joint United States Military Aid Group to Greece

JUSMAP [AR 310-50] Joint United States Military Advisory and Planning Group

JUSMG [AR 310-50] joint United States military group

JUSMMAT [AR 310-50] Joint United States Military Mission to Turkey

JUTCPS Joint Uniform Telephone Communications Precedence System

JUWAT [AR 310-50] joint unconventional warfare assessment team

JUWC [FM 101-5-1] Joint Unconventional Warfare Command

JUWTF joint unconventional warfare task force

JV 1Joint Venture, 2journal voucher

JV 2010 [DoD/DSMC] Joint Vision (for the year) 2010

JVB [JP 5-00.2] Joint Visitors Bureau

JVE joint verification

JVI joint visual inspection

JVIDS Joint Visually Integrated Display System

JVISDA Joint Visual Information Service Distribution Activity

JVM Java virtual machine

JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center

JWARN Joint Warning and Reporting Network

JWARS Joint Wargaming System

JWBC [AR 310-50] Joint Whole Blood Center

JWC 1Joint Warfare Center (USREDCOM), 2joint warfare committee

JWCA joint warfare capabilities assessment

JWCO joint warfighting capability objectives

JWDSC JOPES/WIS Data Standardization Committee

JWE joint warfighting experiment

JWF [AR 310-50] job work folder

JWFC Joint Warfighting Center

JWG joint working group

JWGA [AR 310-50] Joint War Games Agency

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

JWID joint warfighting interoperability demonstration

JWIDS Joint Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration System

JWIP Joint Warfighting Integration Program

JWIS Joint WWMCCS® Information System

JWR Joint War Room

JWS 1Java Workshop [SunSoft], 2joint warfare staff

JWSTP Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan

JWTC [AR 310-50] Jungle Warfare Training Center

JWTDC Joint Warfare Tactical Doctrine Committee

JXCG [AR 310-50] Joint Exercise Control Group

JZ 1joint zone, 2jump if zero