DATE=11/1/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=PAKISTAN / MILITARY (L) NUMBER=2-255700 BYLINE=SCOTT ANGER DATELINE=ISLAMABAD CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: In his first news conference since ousting the government of Nawaz Sharif last month, Pakistan's military ruler has promised to revive the country's ailing economy and to provide thorough accountability in its government. From Islamabad, VOA's Scott Anger reports. TEXT: General Pervez Musharraf accused Mr. Sharif's government of relentless corruption, destroying government institutions and undermining Pakistan's constitution - and vowed that his government would be very different. /// MUSHARRAF ACT /// Never have so few, plundered so much from so many. Accountability (will be) across the board horizontally and vertically - it is going to start from the top and not from the bottom. /// END ACT /// General Musharraf led a coup against Nawaz Sharif on October 12th. He has not given a timeframe for Pakistan's return to democratic rule. But the country's military leader did say he is thinking about asking the governing National Security Council to consider holding a referendum on military rule. The general has pledged to stay in power as long as it takes to revive Pakistan's political and economic situation. General Musharraf says that while he is in power, there will be no change in the country's foreign policy. He says he seeks peaceful coexistence with all of Pakistan's neighbors. The general says he wants to resolve all outstanding differences with Pakistan's arch-rival India, which means dealing with the dispute over Kashmir first. /// MUSHARRAF ACT TWO /// When I say resolve all our differences, I mean the core issue of Kashmir first of all. And with that, all other issues can be addressed. /// END ACT TWO /// Pakistan and India have fought two wars over Kashmir since each gained independence more than 50-years ago. Last summer, the two sides came close to another war over the region, until Islamabad ordered forces it was supporting to withdraw from the Line of Control, the cease-fire line that separates the two sides in Kashmir. During Monday's news conference, General Musharraf also warned New Delhi that Pakistan will maintain a minimum nuclear deterrence to counter any moves by India. /// MUSHARRAF ACT THREE /// With the developments across the border - as you know - with what India is doing. They have brought about a nuclear strategy which is extremely offensive. /// END ACT THREE /// There have been no public protests or demonstrations against the military takeover. Polls show a majority of people in Pakistan have welcomed the removal of the increasingly unpopular prime minister, who remains under arrest. Many Pakistanis say they are willing to give the military a chance to improve the political and economic situation of their debt-ridden country. (Signed) NEB/SA/KL 01-Nov-1999 12:19 PM EDT (01-Nov-1999 1719 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .