People trained in Afghanistan involved in terrorist incidents in Pakistan: Nawaz


ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Oct. 7, 1999 disclosed Pakistan has evidence that people trained in Afghanistan are involved in terrorism in its various parts. Addressing a press conference at the Prime Minister's House here, he said Pakistan has already asked Afghanistan to immediately close a training camp on its soil to train such people. "Some people have been arrested and investigation revealed that there is a training camp in Afghanistan," where these people got the training to carry out terrorism in Pakistan, he told a questioner. Nawaz Sharif said, Pakistan's delegation led by Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was sent to Kandhar, which had a meeting with Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Umar and asked him to stop training people in terrorism. "As they are found involved in terrorist acts in Pakistan," added the Prime Minister. Pakistan acted promptly as it "will not allow any one to disrupt law and order at any cost," he said. He said there were some people who thought a possibility of involvement of some ,"foreign hand," was there in the recent killings in the country. " I will avoid saying this unless there is solid evidence in this regard," said the Prime Minister. Many people also have the view that recent killings may be a handiwork of those who do not like to see Pakistan prosper and have nefarious designs against it, said Nawaz Sharif.