Muslim countries support Pak stand on Kashmir: Sarwar


ISLAMABAD, Oct 8 (APP)-Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Niger and other Muslim countries fully supported Pakistan's stand on Kashmir, and called for early implementation of UN resolutions to settle the issue, during the session of UN General Assembly. This was stated by Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Chairman Parliament Kashmir Committee, while talking to APP here On Oct. 7, 1999 on his return, after representing the country in the UN session. He said there is growing realization among the members of the World Body for early resolution of Kashmir issue, which is cause of tension in South Asia. Ch. Sarwar said, Pakistan presented Kashmir issue before the World Body effectively, and succeeded to seek greater support for the People of Kashmir for achieving the right of self-determination. Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz who led Pakistan delegation at the UN session, he said apprised the representatives of the world community about massive violation of human rights in the occupied territory by the Indian security forces. The Minister, he said also briefed them about Pakistan's efforts for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue and restoration of peace and stability in the region. Pakistani delegation, he said held meetings with a number of world leaders and briefed them on Kashmir issue. He said, the letter written by 61 members of US congress to US President, asking him to expedite efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue as well as to appoint his special envoy on Kashmir are big achievement. Pakistan, he said has effectively countered the Indian propaganda against the peaceful struggle of the Kashmiri people. India is now using the bogey of Islamic fundamentalism to gain the sympathies of the world powers. However, Indian lobbyists could not succeed to damage the cause of Kashmir, he added.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that the enemies of Pakistan have been trying to sow seeds of distrust between Pakistanis and Kashmiris. These efforts are not new, stating India is engaged in establishing its illegal claim over the occupied territory for the last 52 years. However, such efforts always failed as Pakistanis and Kashmiris are one and their aspirations and destiny is the same. Pakistan, he said will continue to support the Kashmiris in their genuine struggle, for achieving the right of self-determination. Lauding the role of overseas Pakistanis, he said, they are actively working to highlight the Kashmir issue world over. They can play more useful role in exposing atrocities being committed by the Indian government in held Kashmir. To a question about signing the CTBT, Ch Sarwar said, those who are asking Pakistan to sign the treaty should keep in mind the Indian nuclear doctrine. He said India is busy in building up its arsenal and nuclear plan, which is a great threat to peace and security and the world community must take notice of it.