English News Headlines 1800 hrs dated 29-05-1998


1- The nation today offer thanks giving prayers for successfully conducting of nuclear tests by Pakistan.

2- the U.N. security council fails to agree on a declaration regretting Pakistan's nuclear testing after china refuse to sign the statement.

3- Britain, France and Germany oppose sanctions against Pakistan

. 4- All parties hurriyiat conference urges world powers to take urgent steps to resolve Kashmir dispute to defuse increasing nuclear threat in South asia.

5- President Yeltsin fires head of tax service.

6- Germany meet Spain while Australia face Holland in the semi finals of the 9th world cup hockey tomorrow night at Utrecht.


Nation today bowed before ALLAH ALMIGHTY throughout the country for the successfully carrying out five nuclear tests and becoming first muslim atomic power in the world. Special prayers were offered after juma congregations in every nook and corner of the country for the integrity, solidarity and prosperity of the country. Ulema and Khateeb in their sermons urged the people to forge unity among their ranks and adopt simplicity in their lives. They said if sanctions were imposed on Pakistan it will be blessings in disguise as it will make the nation self sufficient and self reliant. They supported government's decision to carry out nuclear tests in the face of threats by the Indian nuclear explosions and hegemonistic policies. Ulema and khateeb congratulated the Prime Minister Mr.Mohammad Nawaz Sharif for his bold and timely decision that has made Pakistan's defence impregnable and formidable. They also appreciated the role of the Pakistan armed forces and nuclear scientists for this achievement. People from all walks expressed their joy and jubilation over successfully carrying out nuclear tests. a number of processions were taken to support the government's policies in this regard.

By detonating five nuclear devices yesterday Pakistan has touched an historic milestone. It has on its back an atomic programme which was conceived in 1957. Pakistan Television representative shahid saleem reports that Pakistan began its peaceful nuclear programme which was basically research oriented in applied sciences and physics. Pakistan's first atomic reactor became operational in december 1965 at nilore near islamabad which marked pakistan's entry into nuclear age. Indian attacks on pakistan in 1965 and 1971 and indian nuclear explosion in 1974 forced pakistan to rethink its nuclear options. In 1981 pakistani scientists successfully enriched uranium meaning by pakistan was now capable to detonate nuclear device. But pakistan contained its nuclear programme for peaceful purposes. An atomic scientist has described pakistan's nuclear capability better than india.

The UN Security Council lastnight failed to agree on a declaration regretting Pakistan's nuclear tests after china refused to sign the statement. The Security Council session adjourned after five hours of consultations in its closed-door discussions. The session will resume again today. Meanwhile, UN secretary general Mr. Kofi Annan has urged both Pakistan and India to sign weapon treaties and promise not to use nuclear arms against each other. Mr. Kofi Annan also offered to help the two south-asian neighbours to resume a high level dialogue which broke down last year over Kashmir.

Britain, France and Germany have opposed sanctions against Pakistan over its nuclear tests. British foreign secretary Mr. Robin cook today called for caution before imposing economic sanctions on pakistan saying they would hit the country's poor hardest. He said, britain had not followed the line of countries such as japan and the united states which are preparing to cut massive aid package to pakistan in protest at the tests. In a statement, France said, it was not ready to support calls for sanctions.

In reaction to Pakistan's nuclear tests, the United States President Clinton announced the imposition of economic sanctions on Pakistan like those imposed against India. The Japanese Prime Minister Ruyatrio Hashimoto told reporters today that Pakistan's tests defied the comprehensive test ban treaty and were unacceptable. Japanese sanctions against Pakistan include suspension of loans excluding humanitarian aid and a freeze on new yen loans. And in Australia Prime Minister John Howard has criticised the tests. Australia has announced to cut military ties with Pakistan. Meanwhile the british foreign secretary Mr. Robin Cook announced in London today Britain's decision to withdraw its high commissioner from pakistan immediately.

Following Pakistan's Under-Ground explosions, United States envoy Bill Richardson said, Washington would seek appropriate action in the council to prevent a nuclear arms race in the region. He said, the international community should join together to stop this arms race.

Russian president, Boris Yeltsin is moving swiftly to avert financial crisis and improve the state of the markets. Mr.Yeltsin sacked the head of the Russian tax service after a meeting with Prime Minister Sergie Kiriyenko in Moscow today. The decision to remove the chief tax collector from his post follows turmoil in Russians financial markets partly attributed to the failure to improve tax collection. Earlier, in a statement the Russian government outlined its urgent anti-crisis plans to improve the financial situation. President yeltsin has ordered his government to defend the rouble at all costs after yesterday's trumbling of russian interest rates to a 150 percent.

Former Inspector General Police Punjab, Chaudhry Sardar Muhammad called on President Mohammed Rafiq Tarar at Aiwan-E-Sadr in Islamabad today. During the meeting the presented a book written by him to the president. The president appreciated the efforts of the writer and his contribution in the field.

In occupied kashmir, chairman all parties hurriet conference syed ali gilani has urged world powers to take urgent steps to resolve kashmir issue to defuse the increasing nuclear threat in south asia. Addressing Jumma congregation in sopore, He said, till such time that this issue remained unresolved, confrontation and mass-destruction arms race would prevail in the region. APHC leaders Javed Ahmed Mir and Khawaja Abdul Ghani Lone also addressed the congregation. They said that nuclear test had become inevitable for Pakistan because of Indian threats of using atomic weapons against it. The new of Pakistan's nuclear blasts was received with unbounded jubilation by the people in occupied Kashmir. Youth organisations have announced observing jashan week to demonstrate joy and happiness over Pakistan's successful nuclear tests. The Kashmiri women organisations, Dukhtran-E-Milat distributed sweet in Srinagar to celebrate Pakistan's successful nuclear tests. The Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin has also congratulated Pakistan for successful nuclear tests.

Tehrik-E-Insaf chief, Imran Khan, in an interview, has said, if India had not conducted the nuclear tests, Pakistan would not have responded. He said, to ensure its security, Pakistan had no option but to conduct the nuclear blasts.


Rain with thunderstorm is expected at isolated places of northeast Punjab, malakand division and Kashmir mainly dry weather is expected elsewhere in the country.