Pakistan conducted 5 successful N-tests on May 28, 98, leveled the Indian score; the Prime Minister addressing the nation on May 28, 98 said, blasts were inevitable to meet Indiaís threats; urged the people to tightened belts for braving challenges ahead; lauded Chinaís stand by Pakistan in hours of trial; announced to vacate Prime Minsterís Secretariat as austerity measures.(Pakistan Observer). Emergency has been declared in the country; all foreign currency accounts frozen; US and Australia have imposed sanctions but France and Germany oppose sanctions.(News/Nation/Jang/N.Waqt). Nawaz Sharif has offered non-aggressive pact to India.(Frontier Post).

The Prime Minister on May 28, 98 apprised President Clinton of Pakistanís necessity of nuclear tests, stressing that New Delhiís persistent threats had made it inevitable for Islamabad to carry out explosions.(News).

The Federal Cabinet on May 28, 98 unanimously approved Pakistanís stance for exercising right of nuclear option in view of the persistent threats from the Indian side.(News).

Several world news channels including CNBC and Star Plus on May 28, 98 telecast live Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifís address to the nation on nuclear detonations.(Nation/APP).

In order to cope with the Indian threat of attack over Pakistan nuclear installation, the Prime Minister had ordered for immediate N-blasts as six Israeli war planes equipped with deadly missiles were stationed in held Kashmir airport for attack on Pakistan.(Nation/N.Waqt).

In the wake of imminent Indian attack on Pakistanís installations, high leadership of politics and army remained awakened throughout the right between May 27, 98 and 28, 98.(N.Waqt/ANN).

The Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad was summoned by the Foreign Office at 1.00 a.m. on May 28, 98 and told in clear terms that any Indian attempt to strike Kahuta will have dire consequences. Similarly Beijing and Washington were also apprised of the gravity of the situation.(Nation/N.Waqt).

The Prime Minister has asked the Central Board of Revenue to prepare a package of tax reforms to generate Rs. 500 billion during 1998-99, to counter any adverse impact of economic sanctions.(News).

The Prime Minister will chair a cabinet meeting today(29-5-98) to apprise about the post-situation arised out of N-blasts.(Jang).

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in an interview to VOG has said that Pakistan used ready-to-fire nuclear warheads and not bombs, in the tests which it has conducted to give a matching response to India.(Nation).

IMF has said it will continue to provide loans to Pakistan as it has no connection with US sanctions.(N.Waqt).

Minister for taking the "bold and historic" decision to carry out the nuke explosions, in a tit for tat action versus India on May 28, 98.(Nation/Jang).

Several Cabinet Ministers have said, `Islamic bomb` has been made; we will defend whole of the Islamic world.(Jang).

On coming to know the news of Pakistan N-tests, an emergency has been declared in White House.(N.Waqt).

Information Minster on May 28, 98 said, the present government attached top priority to Kashmir issue as the countryís security is linked with its resolution.(P.Observer). Nuclear tests were inevitable.(News/APP)>

Foreign Office spokesman has warned India against attack on N-sites.(Nation).

Sartaj Aziz says, the government has frozen all foreign currency accounts in all private and government banks forthwith to avoid flight of capital; We are ready to face sanctions.(News/APP).

Ministers for Finance and Commerce will announced an emergency plan today to overcome sanctions for conducting nuclear blasts; tax can be imposed on big amounts.(Jang).

Ministry of Interior has put all the civil armed forces on alert.(N.Waqt).

National Assembly says, after N-tests, Pakistan will have to face sanctions happily.(nation).

Minsiter for Petroleum claims support of Iran against curbs.(Frontier Post/NNI).

Qazi Hussain Ahmad says, N-tests will maintain balance of power; Imran Khan greets Nawaz Sharif for bold step.(Nation).

Benazir Bhutto on May 28, 98 blamed India for breaking the undeclared non-proliferation rule in South Asia and compelling Pakistan to declare its nuclear capability; called for full-fledged diplomatic drive to convince the world that it had beocme inevitable for it to conduct nuclear tests because of security measures.(Nation). India has forced us to go for n-blasts.(Frontier Post).

Ajmal Khattak says, it is the need of the hour that the whole nation must prepare itself for sacrifices.(Nation).

Farooq Leghari says, India has pushed Pakistan to earlier arms race.(News/APP).

Aftab Sherpao says, Indian behaviour has forced Pakistan to go nuclear; demanded equal rights to the provinces.(nation/APP).

More blasts are expected at Chaghi in the next 24 hours.(Al-Akhbar/NNI/Nation).

Russia has asked India and Pakistan to join NPT and CTBT.(News).

Iranian Foreign Minister is due to visit to Pakistan on Monday to discuss bilateral ties and Indiaís recent nuclear tests.(Frontier Post/AFP)

Indian opposition has held Vajpaee Government responsible for Pakistani nuclear blasts.(Al-Akhbar/NNI).

China has expressed regret over Pakistanís N-blasts.(Nation).

Canadian Foreign Minister on May 28, 98 recalled Canadaís Ambassador to Islamabad following Pakistanís 5 nuclear tests.(News/AFP).

Overwhelmed by equivalent response to India punched with five nuclear tests, the lively and zestful Pakistanis demonstrated a rare spirit of backing the government in taking bold and daring initiative. People throughout the country distributed sweets, offered special prayers and staged rallies to celebrate the successful detonation of nuclear devices. The people in large numbers thronged the sweetmeat shops in Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and other big and small cities. Despite sweltering heat, the jubilant business community sat behind their half-downed shutters to distribute sweets as the news of detonating flashed on the satellite news channels. There were however anxious moments. Everyone was asking every one else to confirm the news.(News).