Chief of the Army Staff called on the Prime Minister and exchanged views with him on matters pertaining to defence and regional security.(News/Nation/Pak.Observer). There was consensus among the two that we will have to do away with policy of patience with India.(Pakistan).

The Prime Minister in an interview with daily `The News` has said, Pakistan is ready to pay every cost for the sake of honour of the homeland.(Jang/ANN).

The Prime Minister in a special interview has said that the honour of the country cannot be compromised due to fear of economic sanctions, Islamic bomb thinking is totally incorrect.(Al-Akhbar).

The Prime Minister took a strong notice of the incident at Peshawar Sessions Court in which a person was killed while another was injured.(Nation/APP).

The Prime Minister held consultations with Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders in reference with Indian N-tests in Lahore on May 25, 98.(Jang).

The Prime Minister has directed the authorities concerned to make effective security arrangements at all the airports.(N.Waqt).

Chief of Army Staff warned that the "provocative policy" advocated by Indian leaders might force Pakistan to change its stance on the UN-monitored LoC in Azad Kashmir.(Nation/N.Waqt).

A government spokesman says, Prime Minister has neither wealth in foreign countries nor any business.(N.Waqt).

The President and the Prime Minister will deliver special lectures in National Defence College within the next few days.(Khabrain).

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has said that India has exposed itself to the comity of nations as "Hindu fundamentalist state" by holding a series of nuclear tests.(Pak.Observer).

Ministry of Defence has taken a strong notice of the Press conference of Benazir Bhutto tarnishing the image of senior members of the Armed Forces in her political vilification of the government(Nation).

Senator Akram Zaki says, in case of undue sanctions, Pakistan will not pay foreign loans (N.Waqt).

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that due to government incentives and packages in the new Petroleum Policy, over 20 multinational and local companies are active in exploration and production activities throughout Pakistan.(Pak.Observer/APP)

Three Federal Ministers, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, Sartaj Aziz and Abdul Majid Malik have decided to spearhead the anti-nuclear lobby advocating the status of a weaponized state without conducting the nuclear test.(Pak.Observer).

Sindh Chief Minister says, proofs of Indian involvement have been found in hijacking of PIA plane.(N.Waqt).

The US and Japan will cooperate to ensure Pakistanís security following the five nuclear explosions by India and prevent Pakistan from exploding a nuclear device of its own.(Nation). US Defence Secretary said, Pakistan would benefit from certain incentives from Washington if it refrained from responding in kind to Indiaís nuclear weapons tests.(News/AFP).

Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan has said, the Pakistan government is solely responsible to safeguard its security concerns, however, Iran being a brother Islamic country, fully supports Pakistan.(Nation).

China has assured active support to Pakistan in case of war with India, say reliable sources of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(Jang).

The federal government has assured Rs. 1.2 billion aid to Balochistan.(N.Waqt).

The three hijackers of PIA Fokker have admitted their links with Indian agents.(News/Nation).

Links of Asif Ali Zardari have been revealed with notorious international drug baron Shoorang Khan and his accomplices Arif Baloch, Daud Jett, Feroz Gettu and others involved in drug trafficking.(Nation).

Four persons including the grand son of Chief of Punjabi Pakhtoon Ittehad, Ghulam Sarwar Awan were killed in Karachi on May 25, 98.(News).

US has decided to extend the network of its National Security Agency whose headquarter has been established at US Consulate in Karachi; its modern communication system can monitor the activities of every politician and leader of every country in the world.(Al-Akhbar).

Pakistan faces two risky choices in the wake of Indianís nuclear tests - cope with Indiaís nuclear threats or face sanctions. India having declared itself a nuclear power, its leaders must decide under what circumstances that awesomely destructive power would be used. The Washington Post said on May 25, 98.(Nation).

Qazi Hussain Ahmad says, delay in construction of Kalabagh Dam will be destructive for the country.(N.Waqt). The N-test will boost the economy of the country; no respectful nation can sell its independence against economic benefits.(Khabrain).

Gen. (Retd) Hamid Gul says, Nawaz Sharif should visit China after N-test, there is no need of round table conference, delay in N-test will demoralise the Army and disappoint the masses; N-test will benefit Pakistan a lot.(ASAS).

According to the dailyís an opinion survey, 99.5 percent Pakistanis are in favour of N-test.(Pak.Observer).

While talking to Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi, Chief of Tehrik-e-Jafaria Pakistan, at Naqviís residence, Information Minister Mushahid Hussain on May 25, 98 said the government will not compromise on national security issue, and is well aware of the expansionary Indian designs.

Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan has charged Indiaís ruling BJP leadership with suffering from a false sense of pride. He said Indiaís entire defence preparedness was aimed at Pakistan and "Pakistan is ready to face the challenge," he added, Zee TV reported. He said India was in a disadvantageous position because Pakistan with its small cities and scattered population can absorb Indian missile strike but India with many vulnerable targets will not be able to absorb the onslaught of the Ghauri.

Radiation of Indian nuclear blast at Pokheran, 50 kilometer from border of Sindh, has now been detected along Pakistan villages of Tharparkar, Badin and even Sanghar districts, according to latest reports reaching here. The villagers of the affected areas report that besides large scale death of birds and animals, the temperature of the locality has shot to dangerous level, affecting the human lives. reports of death due to hear have also been received form various areas. It is apprehended, the radiation might affect skin, cause bleeding form nose, and several other diseases including cancer in long run. The radiation might also affect vegetation, water besides poisoning of the air. The people have appealed to the Government of Pakistan, and its various departments including the department of environmental protection to under take immediate steps to avert health hazards to the Pakistani population settled along the Sindh-Rajisthan border. (PPI.News).

A Kashmir leader Shabir Ahmed Shah while talking to news conference in Srinagar said he was prepared for unconditional talks with New Delhi to determine the future of the Indian-held Kashmir - the bone of contention between India and Pakistan.(News).